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Draco is a lapdog, and the cats get a look in.
Who's warming who?

We`are getting used to eating outside, even in winter, when he is with us, but we are impressed by the way people are willing to provide a dish of water for him. He also provides much amusement to diners.

This photo was taken in Ashford, where we were picking up the handbag Ina had left in the house belonging to her (deceased) father and his girlfriend when we were stripping it of anything worth keeping prior to everything going to charity/house clearance. Luckily, the agents who are arranging for a tenant (as it is proving very difficult to sell in the current climate) picked it up for her. Even more luckily, there was a really nice Italian cafe who did knockout soup just outside said estate agent.

In case you feel we have been neglecting the c-a-t-s, here is a picture of Quillan and Zara snuggling.

Cat snuggle

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*Cute* kittehs!

Cute dog too ...

Kitties! Loving, cute kitties (as opposed to packaged monsters!)

And Tescos are selling a cute folding water bowl. Can't see the one I bought but these are nice.


We bought the little sod darling a portable water bottle that sits in a little trough for drinking. Unfortunately, he chewed it.

Edited at 2009-11-22 05:15 pm (UTC)

A most worshipful photo of the feline deities. And yes, Draco is a lovely boy too. *g*

My word, what beautiful cats!

Haven't you seen our Singapura kitties before? Meet Champion Catomine Classical Cantata and Grand Premier Inazuma Heslet Quillan. We have two more of these, and four Oriental Shorthairs.

No, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen your cats before; I only friended you today :-) They are very beautiful.

They remind me a little of my favorite cat, Apollo, who was a marmalade tabby on his face, legs and tail but sort of a solid golden color on his body. The markings on his face in particular were similar to your cats'. Except that Apollo was huge and I see by Wikipedia that Singapuras are small. And Apollo was, as far as I know, not any particular breed.

Eight cats must be a bit of a handful to take care of, though. I hope they get along well with each other, and with the dog :-)

We used to breed and show both Singapuras and Orientals, and have had even more cats in the house (particularly when we had litters of kittens.) Quillan is home bred. The dog is a new addition.

On the whole, we don't, nowadays, have huge amount of trouble between the cats, though there is an occasional spat. We are working slowly on the dog, but he wants to play, and gives out quite the wrong signals! It does not help that Zara teases him.

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