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New Icon for writing posts
This is going to be my new icon for writing posts.

From this original photo...

Draco Writer

And no, it wasn't posed. Ina had left her 'puter on the sofa, which was a mistake.

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That's dogs for you. Cat's interfere, and say "why do't we nip round the back of the bike sheds and score some dope instead of doing that boring homework." Dogs offer to do the homework for you.

But, of course, spend the whole time asking you questions!

Did he produce anything useful? A nice, saleable novel, for example?

Naw. He can't keep his mind off his food bowl or bitches for long enough, like any other adolescent.

Hee! That's brilliant :-) All we need to know now is whther it's fanfic or an original novel....

Oh, all he's interested in is food and sex, so I guess it must be fanfic! Mary Stu dog!

Edited at 2009-11-22 02:24 pm (UTC)

LOL! Well at least he's cute with it :-) And he makes a nice icon. I really must make myself some sort of writerly icon

That's just brilliant! Did he produce the Complete Works of Shakespeare? *g*.

Not yet - and he's just as likely to wipe the hard drive.

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