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Last day in Wales...
On the last Friday of Milford the group went out to look around Snowdonia.

We drove up to Caernarfon to look over the castle.

Upper Ward, From Queen's Gate

And had lunch at the Anglesey

City Walls and the Anglesey

Rest of the photos at this link:

and then we did birdsedge's patent tour of Snowdonia. There were some super views, but it rained, very hard, particularly whenever Stefan got out of a car to take a photo! However, it stopped raining when we also stopped at Llyn Dinas

Llyn Dinas

Llyn Dinas

With its dragon


Rest of this set here

and finally on to Beddgelert, where it was getting rather too dark to take photgraphs...

Glaslyn River at Beddgelert

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I've been there!!!

The dragon looks nice though.

It's rather good, isn't it? There are dragon legends based around the lake...

I particularly like the fourth one and the dragon!

Long time since I've been out that way, so nice to see the photos . . .

The light was going, but Llyn Dinas is one of the most gorgeous spots I've been in in the UK.

Beautiful, beautiful pictures especially from the standpoint of one who lives in Velcroville. :)

My favorite, I think, is the Beddgelert one.

It has a very good ice cream parlour, too.

I see I am not alone in never finding an actually sunny day in Wales. Gorgeous country, though, so it's great to look at your pics of places we were in the "summer" before last.

There are a couple of sunny pictures in my Nantlle set, but those aren't properly sorted yet.

Edited at 2009-11-21 05:38 am (UTC)

Great sets of photos, some lovely colours and compositions. And some nicely sneaky group shots too! :)

Sneaky sneak...

Waiting for yours.

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