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Milford 09
Under the cut we have the mug shot of the Milford Group 09, taken by Trevor Jones, not me. There will be variants of this picture across the Internets, I daresay...

I'm the one in the red shirt looking stupid...

09 Milford Group

The rest of this set is probably only of interest to Milford participants, and is certainly not representative of anything but a set of quick candid shots. However, you will find it here...


More to follow - hopefully rather better pictures!

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I'm envious. It all looks lovely :)

The amount of booze and chocolate is rather obvious, isn't it?

However, you did not have to face the Mackerel pie. (I didn't. I don't eat fish, so I raided the cheeseboard...)

Very much.

I did my back in, and three quarters of the group came down with lurgi, but we all did good work and had fun.

Lurgy is bad, as is doing in of backs, but I'm glad you had fun.

what a grey lot (merely from a clothing perspective I should add)

Good picci though

We're SF/fantasy/horror writers-and-fans - the black is pretty much a uniform. (To - sort of - quote Neil Gaiman: "Black goes with anything. Particularly with black.")

Besides, Jacey is wearing a particularly fetching blue and purple long jacket.

Edited at 2009-11-08 07:48 am (UTC)

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