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The breath of the Brenin Llwyd
From the gardens (and the meeting rooms) of Trigonos, you can see Snowdon - except when it is wreathed in cloud, known locally and immortalised by Susan Cooper in The Grey King as the breath of the Brenin Llwyd.

Even on a day where the skies are bright over Nantlle, Snowdon is often wreathed in cloud...

Clouds Over Snowdon, Nantlle

When it is clear, it looks like this...

Snowdon in Sunlight

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Gorgeous. And I love that series of books, too!

Well, I'm not keen on Over Sea, Under Stone but that was written ten years before The Dark is Rising so Ms Cooper can be forgiven.

OSUS is fine when viewed as a basic fantasy adventure aimed at kids a couple of years younger than the rest of the series - but I agree, the following quartet has a greater depth and complexity. DiR is, IMO, one of the absolute classics of children's literature.

I boycotted the film, of course ;-)

*sarcasm on* Film? What film??? *sarcasm off*

That's a lovely photo in 1, and even when the clouds are coming up....

Great photos, I shall enjoy browsing the rest. :)

Thank you for the reminder of some of my lifetime-favourite books.

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