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One of the things I promised myself after my week at Milford is to stop fiddling and start submitting.

Accordingly, I spent this morning playing around with the comments on The Flight of the Niji-Maru that the nice people at this year's Milford made about it, and have found ways to incorporate most of them. (Though my writing in short stories is such that finding somewhere to incorporate a line explaining background that has puzzled some is never easy.) I still have a line to fit in. However, it will come, and once I've got that in I shall have no excuses left for sending it out to the magazines.

This week, definitely.

Then there's the finished novel (The Bindings of Honour), that no-one outside my fannish circle has seen, that needs a summary and covering letter, which I am also determined to do this week, and then it's off to agents.

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Yes, that makes sense. {sends waves of encouragement}

Many thanks - I need all the encouragement I can get!


Also, although I am TERRIBLE at summaries and cover letters, if you think it might help to pass it before another set of eyes, I'm quite willing to be those eyes. I am "this name at gmail dot com"

(The novel-in-progress is intended for agents. I will therefore be picking your brain at that point...)

I may take you up on that, Sab. Though I have yet to meet a writer who reckons they are any good at summaries and cover letters!


Sorry, I've got bronchitis and that's the best expression of great enthusiasm I can come up with (or up with I can come).

I'm VERY glad to hear this.

Oh, well done, that woman! And I'm wishing you all the best in your hunt for agents! I keep meaning to go that route, but so far I haven't got anything that hasn't been promised elsewhere.

Thank you. You've done so much better than I have...

Yay! for the novel *waves popm-poms of encouragement for the covering letter, etc*

It's a funny old novel, an AU pretty much without magic but with a touch of steampunk, with a heroine who could give Indiana Jones a run for his money, and a Romance both with the capital and without. One of the reasons I wrote it was that it allowed me to write a vaguely Cretan style bullfight in Arles arena, which I have wanted to do ever since I visited it...

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