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Notice of absence
I've spent the last couple of days preparing for Milford, and tomorrow I will be on the way, having obtained a lift from a (very kind) other attendee. Apparently there is almost no internets and almost no phone signal, so expect me to report back some time after the 1st November.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

If you really need to say something to me, message inamac who has been left with one dog and eight cats...

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Snifffle, you are going to my favourite area of Wales.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as the course, obviously.

The ice cream shop in Bedgellert is open until 1st November, not that one keeps track of such things, you understand. And Blue China Cafe on the seafront at Criccieth does the best bara brith.
If you are traveling via the A5, The Riverside Chocolate Shop at Pentrefoelas is a good stopping place and does nice coffee and tea as well as chocolates.


The route is up to Nick Moulton, but thanks for that info, which I will print out and convey to him.

I am really looking forward to spending a week discussing writing (though I am not sure how well my own will be received) in wonderful Snowdonia.

Hope you have a good time :-)

I intend to, even if it is also hard work.

I went to Bedgellert in the 80's on a hiking holiday across Wales. Scenery was beautiful. I look forwards to seeing some of your pictures when you return!

My only regret is that I really can't take the big Pentax SLR, but the Lumix is capable, and I hope to have some decent shots.

Cool! What model of Lumix do you have? This is the one I use, bought nearly a year ago now. I don't own a DSLR so all the pictures I've posted recently are taken with it. The 10x Optical zoom is the most useful feature but overall I think it produces quality photographs.

Yeah, that's the one I use, being the best specced compact with a long throw lens at the time I bought it (last year too.)

There are a couple of other people on my flist who use them as alternatives to SLRs when they don't want to lug heavy stuff. The only problem as far as I am concerned is that you can't adjust the shutter speed with any precision, and I'm not impressed by the IA or the very close focusing in macro mode.

Agreed! A DSLR is the ultimate kit fir a serious digital photographer.

I've just noticed that you replied to last years post saying you have the same model. Enjoy your trip!

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

That should leave us all plenty of scope...

Have a good time, sis

PS Poor Jean

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