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Congratulations to all at Brawn GP
I have just seen Ross Brawn - the total professional who has done it all - wiping away tears.

Yes, your own name on the team means that much. What's more, good on him for thanking those background people he had to make redundant even as the car won its first race. Good on yer, mate.

And congratulations to Button. He isn't, perhaps, the greatest natural driver ever, but he has worked very very hard with some bad cars. He drove superbly today.

Oh, and congrats to Webber, with commiserations for the fact that someone else won the title the same day he won his second Grand Prix, and got most of the media attention.

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Also, Barichello has to be one of the unluckiest drivers ever. That puncture was just Evil.

(Though I admit I canNOT take someone with the silly surname Button seriously - which is a bit hypocritical given my own silly surname, I acknowledge.)

Not to mention being named after a marque that is now defunct....

Some of what has happened to Rubens is due to his habit of not trying his hardest all the time - and that puncture was due to the touch with Lewis...

I felt very sorry for Rubens, he really is so bloody unlucky, but yes, fabulous result for Brawn and very well deserved. Button drove an impressive race today, and it made a great spectacle, for once. That fuel hose incident made my heart rate jump!

That fuel hose incident made my heart rate jump!

I was terrified for Kimi - and I loved the way the Brawn garage rallied round to remove the hose!

It looked bloody scary, and yes, the way the guys jumped out to help was great. Fire like that scares the life out of me.

JB drove like a Demon in the first half of the race. Four brillant overtaking manouvers. He really went for it.

Rubens was so unlucky! That puncture was the last straw that broke his race. As usual he was a great sportsman at the end as he congratulated Jensen.

I was moved my Ross Brawn's "Emotional Moment". Thanking all the team that had lost their jobs before the season started... It was like watching John Wayne cry!

That onboard camera shot from Kimi's Ferrari as it caught fire was heartstopping. All in all, it was a fantastic Brazilian Grand Prix! :0)

Button was exceptional in the first part of the race - and Lewis certainly got off more lightly from that touch with Rubens.

Fire around any car is terrifying, but around F1 cars....

Huge kudos to Ross Brawn, I have a lot of time for that man and I'm so pleased that he's getting the recognition he deserves under his own name (as opposed to in the shadow of Ferrarri and Schumacher). Just saw the highlights. That's what I like about F1 and motorsport in general - it's *not* just about winning races, it's about consistently driving well and clocking up the points, and that's what Jensen's managed this season.

Oh, fires. Shades of the time we nearly had Gerhard-burger for real! I recall sitting there and watching the flames and him just sitting there waiting for the marshals - took a lot of guts. I've done some club motorsport marshalling (rallies and hillclimbs) and it really gets your heart pumping when there's an accident, even if it's not your 'section'.

Re: 'Jensen', well the marque may be defunct, but really, who wouldn't want to be named after an 'interceptor'! :)

I take it they showed the fire in the highlights. The pictures from Kimi's onboard camera made it look as if he was engulfed in flame.

Oh yeah, onboard view of him driving through the flames. Just a flash fire though - what was left in the hose, so it'll ignite and be gone. You could see him swerve out of the pit lane in case he needed to abandon the car and leave the lane clear, but as soon as he could see the fire was out, he was away.

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