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Colours Are Somehow More Intense in Autumn
Coot Wave

Green and Yellow - with a touch of red

Fireweed 2

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Absolutely gorgeous colours.

Ooh... I love Coots! I agree that Autumn is more vibrant than you initially think.

Those leaves, they're really beautiful. Autumn can be really amazing.

I love looking at your photos! and to see the autumn colours - we do get them here, because of all the imported trees earlier residents decorated the town with, but seeing them in their own place is good. (And I can't talk - who's got azaleas and bluebells and freesias and lilacs? only the bulbs flowering now, though.)

Love the coot against the blue hue of the water. Yes, autumn is a great time for photography - something about the quality of the light and the angles that give you a depth of shadow that intensifies the colours.

Nice photos

I had a camera once *sigh*

I, too, love the coot - they are charming creatures, and that's such a fine composition!

I have too many decent photos of coots... but I knew this one was going to be good as I pressed the shutter button.

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