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We have been having some glorious sunsets recently
And they have all been very different!

Sunset 1

Gold Sunset

Red and Grey Sunset

Blue Sunset

Dark Sunset

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Nice! That second one looks dramatic enough for a book cover (British style).

I'm considering using it as wallpaper.

Wow! They're fantastic :-) The second one is really extraordinary.

I saw that sky and rushed for the nearest camera.

Edited at 2009-10-17 06:09 am (UTC)

I've got some cross-stitch kits that look very like some of those... (single strand of floss on 18-count or possibly 20/24-count, though!)

Single strand on 20/24 count - I'll pass, I think.

Lovely! I agree, there has been some amazing ones recently. I like the leaves are silhouetted in your last shot.

Thank you.

Same trees in all of them, seeing as they are through the living room window (we live in a town house and the living room is on the first floor.)

Wow, lovely photos. I always like a nice sunset. You've made me think. I shall have to play with some of my old photos now. :)

Beautiful sunsets make me happy too.

Impressive pics! I think the last sunset picture I took was in Grimsby, it looked extraordinarily exotic!!

Ina's mother's family comes from Grimsby. Their name was Manuel, which, you have to admit, is exotic for Grimsby. (Spanish pows in the Napoleonic wars.)

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