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Tonight's TV - I am getting seriously displeased.
Merlin contained the hilarious sight of a Giant Naked Mole Rat attacking people. Mole Rats are, of course, African animals and the only hive mammals... A solitary Mole Rat is not an option. It also contained the alarming sight of someone in plate armour climbing a castle wall.

Then there is Strictly Come Dancing seen for the first time this season, and possibly the last time this season. Who designed those 'orrible costumes????

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The idea of a giant naked mole rat on Strictly suddenly seems to have potential...

I really don't know about the climbing walls in plate armour. I've been assured several times, sometimes from them what ought to know, that it's nowhere near as encumbering as it's often thought to be. If someone tried it in an RPG I certainly wouldn't disallow it.

You can't free climb - which is what Arthur and Merlin were doing - castle walls at any time. The whole idea of a castle wall is to keep people outside and they were therefore... smooth.

Arthur was actually only wearing half plate, with chain mail, and you can certainly move fast on the ground if you are well enough trained. (I've seen fighting at the Royal Armouries to prove it.) However, going vertically up a sheer face puts huge strain on the arms (what's more, they aren't the same muscles you use to swing a sword) with the result that Arthur's arm strength would have given out fairly quickly raising his own body weight, without adding that of armour!

There is one case of a castle being taken by climbing even more extreme than that. Gaillard fell when someone climbed chalk cliffs several hundred feet high, then climbed the wall, and up the midden shute to open the gates from the inside. That that was the castle Richard said was untakeable.

I very much doubt it. The operation depended on stealth and climbing ability. Armour would not have been an adjunct to either. Climbing in armour is plain silly.

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