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Another tweet sized review on the same subject...
And yes, I know they are slightly longer than tweets...

I have just been reading P.D. James's The Private Patient and I have to say that this author plainly feels time's winged chariot, and this comes out in her need for lots of Happily Ever After among her major characters...

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Yes. And the fact the most recent books have taken aeons to get going suggests that no one at Faber does much editing to the grande dame's prose these days *g*.

Phyllis D.J, was on Start the Week and, basically, said that she creates her characters, which takes about half her time on the book, then decides which one to kill off, and only then starts working on the plot.

She is still one of the more enjoyable modern detective story writers, though.

I can believe that *g*. But she's one of my must-reads. I prize good characterisation highly -- doesn't bother me if I don't guess whodunit.

Yes, that one gave me the distinct feeling that the author was saying goodbye to the characters. Better to have them go gently into the sunset with their true loves than die like poor Morse, I suppose.

It pleases me to see Dalgleish and Kate and Piers all happy, but it has to be said that in her older, sparer books she killed people and broke up relationships with gay abandon!

I also felt that the sub-plot about Annie's rape was unnecessary and dealt with far too lightly. In any case, what did it add to the story and/or character development. It seemed to me to be put in to make Adam agonise a bit.

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