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Sigh! Just when my e-mail is important...
AOL has just gone completely doolally on me. Not only does it give me an error page when I try to log on to get my e-mail, if I try to access aol.com (through Google) it tells me I don't have permission to access the [public] server. Then when I close down it tells me I am logging out. I really must get around to moving my e-mail to Plusnet.

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I believe AOL are caught up in the entire hotmail fiasco. What a pain.

They're back now, at least temporarily.

Of course, most of the big e-mail suppliers were caught up in it...

Since email seems dodgy

Our house got burgled last night

They must have been disturbed because they only got away with two items.

Since one of them was my company laptop, certain organisations have been all over me.

Re: Since email seems dodgy

Well, considering who you work for and the job you do I suppose it could have been stolen to order - but I presume you had a right to take it away from the office, and you didn't leave it on a train or a bus or in your car....

Re: Since email seems dodgy

These thieves may get more than they bargained for. Given who has become involved. I did get a 5 star response from the police and even CSI turned up.

I've seen other people on the list who have having huge problems with AOL today.

Our supplier wasn't one of teh compromised ones, but they seem in a mess too, so the problems appear widespread.

I've got back in now, but the attacks in providers of various kinds seem to be getting worse, and some, like recent attacks on LJ, seem plain malicious. (And I must admit, if I were the LJ techs, I might be paranoid enough to suspect Dreamwatch.)

Our email provider seems ok again now, but yes, there's been way too much of this crap recently.

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