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Just when you need your camera!
When we took Draco out for his morning walk on Sunday, I couldn't find my pocket camera and couldn't be bothered to lug the big one with me.

So, we went down to Hainault Forest Country park and out onto the big field so we could throw Draco his ball. Suddenly, Draco ran towards the line of trees, and rushing out to meet him came a medium sized black and tan dog who, except for his size and his ears, which tip-tilted, looked exactly like Draco.

At the moment Ina and I exclaimed, "That's a Manchester Terrier!", the dog's owners appeared chasing their animal, saw Draco and exclaimed, "Is that a Man- No, it's an English Toy Terrier!"

While Draco and Buzz chased each other round the field, along with a large Staffie who came haring in to join them, we discussed Manchesters and ETTS with this nice couple, who were making their first visit to Hainault Forest, having noticed it on an East London map, and deciding it would make a change from their normal stamping ground of Hackney Marshes (where, they say, they regularly meet two ETTs.)

I do wish I had had my camera to take a photo of the almost-identical little-and-large.
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Oh,. how lovely. I wish you'd had your camera, too. maybe they can have play dates?

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