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Loughton Camp - and a gratuitous cat photo
As promised, a photo or two of Loughton Camp, just so you know how difficult it is to identify unless you find the (single and not obvious) sign, though the banks are impressive once identified.

Loughton Camp

Earthwork at Loughton Camp

Loughton Camp

And, as promised, the cat photo


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Splendid cat photo! It needs a caption *g*. "You're on my manor" springs to mind for some reason!

Well, it is a Capa Pyanfar of the Oriental Mafia - you're a good judge of character.

Trully the least beautiful thing in this post is the cat. The woodland pictures are enchanting! The first one makes for a lovely wallpaper.

Thank you. I have more photos of the local woodland than you can shake a stick at - I have a long (illustrated) post lined up on it - because they are full of the most photogenic trees you ever saw. This is because of the local (ex Royal Forest of Essex) coppicng and pollarding practices which stopped a couple of hundred years ago, and left us with the most astonishingly shaped oaks and beeches and hornbeams.

I'll second lapswood's comment about the trees.

Amazing bank. What's the age of the earthwork?

Iron Age (500 BC) - though, naturally, it was originally thought to be Roman, hence the "Loughton Camp".

It's one of two earthworks of similar age in Epping Forest, the other being Ambresbury Banks - that one was thought, in local legend, to be the site of the death of Boudicca.

Thanks. I need a crash course on the Iron Age next year, as I have a paper to write on the re-interpretation of a cave site on the Mendips with Iron Age material. It will be the cue for a lot of Iron Age site visits.

Fred, Ina and I would be delighted to show you the Forest sites, though they are not as impressive as the Wiltshire ones.

That would be great, thanks. I'll check the drive time from Bristol, but I suspect it'll be doable for a day, especially as we'll be able to bring the dogs with us.

I fully intend to take advantage of being a Hound of Leisure.

Love the cat picture. Definitely that look that they get when confronted with the ruddy camera yet again. *g*

The trees in those forest pictures are lovely! You said there from Epping forest? I just finished a Primeval photo-manip (has to stay under wraps until Oct 10) using a wiki commons pic from Epping Forest's Centennial Way, because the trees were absolutely beautiful.

Centennial Way doesn't really exist [grin]. Most people walk Three Forests Way - but both pass Loughton Camp. This is from the Clay Ride, right in the middle of the Forest.

Epping Forest is local to me - I live within fifteen minutes drive of its main body, and our local woods (Chigwell Row Wood), just across the road, and our local country park (Hainault Forest) which is just across the road from our woods are also remains of the Royal Hunting Forest of Essex, as are Lord's Bushes (10 minutes drive) and Bedfords Park (twenty minutes.)

I have a long post on our local Forests lined up - however, if you go onto my flickr site


and look in both 'Forests' and 'Epping Forest' you will find some of my photo of the area.

I saw your comment on the bit someone had renamed Centennial Way in the previous post. *g*

I shall wander over to your flickr and have a good wallow. The trees I've seen in other pics are just gorgeous.

Ooh petty. Even the cat

Petty, eh, Shiv?

Pretty much - after all she is a cat, and all she thinks about is her stomach. [grin]

That is no trivial matter

It's certainly the bright spot of my conference. Foooooooooooooooooooooood

*Bursts into 'Food, Glorious Food' from Oliver*

*Follows it with Colin Fine's Feed Me!*

"Glenmorangie, Glenmorangie, feed me till I want no more...."

What a marvellous place. I love mysterious old woodlands and the strange things that can be found there.

And the cat pic is very good - can't be easy to get that sort of close-up shot :-)

As I said, I have a post coming on the local woodlands, which are weird. The forest is almost entirely man-made...

Impressive earthworks, gorgeous cat.

I always enjoy your photos.

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