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Passing it on!
There will be another two series of Primeval.

At least this means that we will find out how they all got out of their various cliffhangers!


With thanks to primeval_denial

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This is really, really good news.

I thought the last season was pretty aweful. I hope they can turn things around.

I agree. It was. Unfortunately, it was trapped between ITV's demands (for more monsters and more action) and Douglas Henshall bailing early, so that the Helen arc was deeply disrupted. They lost what had made the series interesting (the relationships between Helen, Steven and Cutter, and the mystery of the anomalies) and went for gimmicks and superheroes/villains. I think Adrian Hodges lost interest with the loss of Cutter, and the writers got lost in a maze of mysticism and illogic.

However, there is a chance for a new start, and even for a bit of a reset. If Hodges gets interested again there might be a chance it will pick up. Series One was a lot better than many people gave it credit for, and there were one or two decent episodes in series 2, though the revamp was pretty silly - one of the strengths of Season 1 was that the operation was a very British bodge.

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News I'd never though I'd hear :-) Though I didn't like a lot of S3, for fairly obvious reasons, I'm delighted to see the show's been given another chance. Perhaps this time they can make a better job of it. I'm not going to hold my breath for a miraculous return of Cutter, but Jenny coming back to the ARC would be nice.

I'll settle for a bit of logic in the plots, and a little more accurate science.

That would be good too, of course ;-) And some toning down of Danny's superman tendencies.

And some toning down of Danny's superman tendencies.</>

Oh, indeeeeeeeeed!

LOL, I'm delighted naturally, but there was a small part of me that would have been forever amused by the idea of Abby and Connor irrevocably stuck up that tree. I just hope the put an end to the irritating UST between those two.

I shall also keep my paws crossed for the return of Lester and Becker.

I understand that someone has picked up something about Ben Miller being on board, and I would also like to see the return of Becker (and Jenny, though I prefer Claudia!)

You know I am not a Connor fan, and see him as comic relief, and please, please, please stop this occasional episode where Abby acts stupidly just to make Connor look good. (And please, please, please keep the bloody brother out of it.)

Heh! Can I echo your final par? *g*.

As I've said often enough, S3 was a colossal disappointment all round. So I hope the new series will be a chance for Hodges and Co to rethink the mess they made once DH bailed out and to do something worthwhile with what plotlines are left, and to develop some vaguely plausible new ones.

I live in hope *g*.

The whole Abby/Connor thing is the bit I like the least about the show. I like Connor as a character, but not when they make him (or her) gratuitously stupid. And UST just makes me what to scream 'oh for god's sake, shag and get it over and done with'. I am a Hound of little subtlety, and on/off relationships irritate me.

Great news! As I said in the Denial post I always had a very faint hope based on the fact that there had been no statement from Haines/Hodges/Impossible Pictures but time was dragging on...

Yes, better writing than season 3. I actually enjoyed S2 and I thought the reset at least made a skiffy use of the implications of the anomalies. I'd like to see more Claudia/Jenny.

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