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Beside the Sea - Part the Second
So, having surfaced in Foreness Bay, with the tide still going out, we walked around the headland and found ourselves in what we later found out to be Botany Bay

Lines in the Sand

(Incidentally, we saw no notices that said 'No dogs' at this end of the beach and only much later - when walking up from the beach - came across contradictory notices, one of which said no dogs before the 13th September (which would have made us okay) and two of which said 30th September. Other people seemed as confused and/or as in breach of the bylaws as we were!)

This is a very different beach, with golden sand running up to the chalk cliffs.

The North Sea (as it is here) was very calm, but the colours in the waves were beautiful

Breaking wave

The only chalk on the beach consisted of water worn pebbles

Water Worn Chalk 2

Water Worn Chalk

No rock pools here, but much of interest on the sand...

Sea Still Life

Sea Washed Weed

Draco much preferred this beach, and discovered that sand was the ideal medium for digging.

Draco Discovers You Can Dig Sand

At the Broadstairs end of the beach we have superb cliff stacks.

Stacks, Botany Bay

This is also the tourist area, with people swimming and paddling despite the date.

Playing in the Waves

(Did we paddle? Of course we did - well, Ina and I did. Draco didn't think much of the idea!

Draco Watches the Waves

This is all we left on the beach

Footprints in the Sand

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Perfect wave photograph. I've tried for that shot loads of times and never managed to get it.

Naw, just a question of right place, right time, sun in right position, shutter speed sharpish.

Looks like you had a perfect day out - I was actually in Lewes last week for a meeting, the sky was blue and the sun was blazing down and was very tempted to go down to the beach, but decided to wait until I was a bit closer to home. And once I got past Brighton, it was cloudy - so I never did get my walk on the beach!

Beautiful pictures, BTW. Thanks for sharing.


We really enjoyed our walk on the beach - the first for a couple of years.

You should have written something cool in the wet sad before that last shot. Nice collection though!

Can anything written in the sand be called 'cool'?

Old fogey-Lil

Wow. Pix loaded for me this time. They hadn't been for a while, so I still don't know what the two of you look like, much less what you look like up trees.

also, great shots, gorgeous cliffs and adorable draco pup!

Dracopup was very good.

It makes a change.

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