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Beside the Sea
We set off to go to Kingsgate bay at Broadstairs (a choice made primarily because it is, apparently, a lovely beach that allows dogs, even in summer.) Also, Ina knows some of the beaches around Margate, but not that one.

However, having made our torturous way through Margate, we saw a large amount of free road parking, with lots of grass above the cliff, so we stopped and made our way down the slipway past a sign that warned us we were not to launch boats, but said nothing of dogs, were greeted by a friendly labrador back from his walk, and ended up in Foreness Bay.


Tide Out at Foreness Bay

Even more fortuitously, the tide was right out, leaving behind this astonishing chalk pavement

Tide Out in Foreness Bay

Chalk pavement - Foreness Bay

and lots of rockpools and wildlife, with masses of birds pretty much out of camera range. [grin]

Gulls Rest at Low Tide - Foreness Bay

I was very taken by this encrusted rock (or possibly post - who can tell? -

Encrusted Rock - Foreness Bay

There was also a fair amount of sandy-mud (or muddy sand) as Ina and Draco found

Jean and Draco - Foreness Bay

And the muddy sand/sandy mud was full of pattern.

Patterns in the Mud - Foreness Bay

The full set is here


To be continued...

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Love the ripples in the sand in that last shot. Makes me wish I was on the coast on this lovely Saturday afternoon! (:0{

Being retired, a beautiful day can take you to the seaside...

That looks fabulous, and confirms my view that I want to buy a camper van and start touring the British coastline.

Good idea.

I must admit I want to ride these beaches...

Thank you! Particularly impressed by the chalk pavement photos.

Perhaps I will suggest my brother takes his camera when we go down the coast later this week, and takes it on beach walks, too; some beaches are stetches of almost pure white sand, but some we walk have lots of rock variety. (I might take mine, too, but that may not lead to good photos.)

Terrific photos. Makes me all nostalgic - it's years since I walked on a beach. The chalk slabs are striking, never seen anything like that before.

They were new to me, but then I'm used to Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire beaches from my childhood, and the beaches from Dover to Rye Harbour, all of which are sand or shingle. Then there's Southend, which is mud, mud, glorious mud...

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