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You know you've been in Media Fandom too long when...
You are watching Criminal Minds Series 4, Episode 12, and you suddenly realise that that relationship between the villains of the piece is is, well...

Here we have a serial killer, who has a partner. Those we have had before on CM, but normally one is dominant and the other is submissive. This time, we have two rapist killers who are described (by the profilers) as Alpha Males, both intelligent, reasonably attractive, married with teenage children, who are specifically described as falling in love, with total trust between them. Indeed, their relationship, though ambivalent as to its sexuality, is shown to be love at first sight.

Remind you of anything? It reminds me of standard slash relationships, all the way back to K/S. It is Avon/Blake, Bodie/Doyle, Starsky/Hutch and a thousand others. (Including, of course, slash within this very series, if you take, say, Hotch/Gideon, Morgan/Hotch, or, for that matter, femslash of Prentiss/JJ.)

I've definitely been around here too long - except that this series is well known for knowing its fans very well, for interacting with them, and for taking digs at TV shows, films, books, etc etc. By said episode 14 they have already guyed or called out everything from CSI (Vegas) to Psycho to Numb3ers... I rather think slash fandom is being guyed or deconstructed here.

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Oh, the CM folk know their audience very, very well. They even write with red herrings to try to trick the smarter fans who can read their plots. I'd wager the showrunner has an intimate knowledge of slash and fandom in general.

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