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Doctor's appointment after blood tests this morning and, guess what, cholersterol at 7.1 means long term medication.

On a better note, the chap arrived to measure up the back door and windows for proper replacement.  As soon as those are in, the cat run goes in, then we can turn our attention to the boiler and the floors....

Houses eat money.

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Urgh. Do you have lots of 'lifestyle' advice to go along with the prescription?

Houses eat money. But knowing that you want stuff done, but the builder keeps missing appointments to measure up, is even more frustrating...

My doctor knows better than to give me lifestyle advice [grin].

Sorry to hear that. Are there any lifestyle changes (don't you just hate that term) that you could make to help the situation?

And houses certainly do eat money, but at least they're yours!

Short of stopping eating cheese?

I have the sort of doctor who mutters that he doubts that a diet will get it down - he knows me - and that he can't resist cheese and alcohol either. (I have cut down the latter and will cut down the former. No time to exercise at the moment. Indeed, no time to LJ, except contribute to the on-going debate on the presence of bad fanfic on the Tiptree long list...

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