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Something you don't see so often nowadays...
When I was young, the sparrow (both house and hedge) was the commonest of birds. Today, our cats hooking a youngster through the windows from the single nest in the eaves is a tragedy.

However, we were up on Chigwell Row Common recently, when we saw a whole hedgeful...

Hedge Full of Sparrows

Sparrow Group

Lots of Sparrows

I presume there were insects (or possibly berries) in the hedge, but the birds flew off as we came close.

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(Deleted comment)
There isn't much birdlife in the Barbican currently.

I used to get hordes of them (The Sparrowing Hordes - I don't get ravens in my garden, so they can't be Ravening Hordes!) on the birdtable and dustbathing on the patio; then suddenly all the birds stopped coming, and the birdseed wasn't touched at all.

And then last summer and this one, they've started coming back. I think I counted about a dozen sparrows, in possibly two or three families (maybe more than one brood?) last summer. I get bluetits, great tits, robins and goldfinches too, as well as the ubiquitous pigeoneous thugs.

We get all the Tits, and our tiny garden covers three Robin territories, the place is full of magpies and rooks, we have too many damn woodpigeons, and the woods have greenfinches and all the UK species of woofpecker. Both Draco and Flash have designs on the trafficus helicopterii and the common Boeing.

Lovely pictures - thanks for posting them!

Thank you. I was stunned that I got close enough to take these.

Beautiful birds and beautiful pictures.

Sparrows are still fairly plentiful in California but we have our own populations that have thinned badly. :(

As always, some birds do better than others in changing circumstances. For instance, the Red Kite came close to extinction here, but now you can see them every time you travel up the M40 (one of our major motorways/freeways.)

Super pictures :-)

We usually get loads of sparrows in the garden, but at the moment, nada. Just collared doves, which are a bloody nuisence. Occassionally we see some tits, or a pair of chaffinches, and the usual starlings or thrushes or blackbirds, and the odd robin or two. Lately, though, very few birds of any kind.

Starlings are also in serious decline. When did you last see the sky darken with a flock of starlings? Hell. you used to see it every night in Leicester Square twenty years ago.

Not to mention, the dawn chorus, which is very much diminished.

The dawn chorus was a bit better around here in spring this year, but then we live in the Green Belt, with Hainault forest on our doorstep and Epping Forest just around the corner.

There are lots of sparrows around here. If I go to the park and eat anything cake-like, they'll form an ever-narrowing circle around me, till I feel as if I'm in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

In the UK, the House Sparrow has only 10% of the numbers it had 20 years ago. Starlings used to darken the skies - including in Central London. I haven't seen a big flock for years.

There used to be a very nice flock of starlings that centred on the tall poplar (?) tree on the corner outside IKEA at Brent Park. I saw them almost every day as I sat in the queue to get out of Brentfield Road and onto the North Circular. However, then IKEA expanded their carpark (by knocking down the tower office block on the corner), and chopped down the tree. Dunno where the starlings have gone to now...

No one is ever up at the crack of sparrer these days, for there are no sparrers.

I've got magpies in central London, and gulls crying all night long.

Magpies seem to have benefited from climate change and human incursion more than most.

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