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Stint on the Plinth
Today we went down to Town (taking Draco, who was surprisingly good on the Tube) to see frostfox perform on the Plinth.

Sue giving a Roman greeting

Her original plan to include belly dancing was curtailed by the size of the plinth (small) and the amount of wind (a lot.) Instead, she did her "stand up and talk for an hour" routine, which can be heard (and seen) at http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/Sue_M )

London fandom turned up in force

The galleries assemble

The rest of this flickr set is here


If anyone wants their photo locking away or taking down, please let me know.

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Excellent! I love her top and jacket. Shame the belly dancing wasn't feasible.

I'm hoping it won't be wet and windy while I'm up there!

It didn't actually start to rain until Sue was riding down. Some people are jammy. Not only did she get a plum timing, but it was on a Tun day!

Those are wonderful photos, thanks !

I'm very pleased with the one of John.

This plinth biz is ever so slightly mad, isn't it? *g* Great photos.

Totally mad. The guy up there after Sue put up a tent and occasionally threw blow-ups such as palm trees and bananas out of it.

I wish I could have been there.

It was great fun - and we missed having you.

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