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Journey into the past.
The discovery that the cats had peed all over the shelves on which we kept most of the photo albums galvanised us into taking action. Among other things, this resulted in an expensive order to Arrowfile (http://www.arrowfile.com/) which used to be Flashfoto and has been our album supplier of choice since 1989. This is because the photographs in those are, on the whole, okay. We've had to wash a fair amount, but have only had to discard a couple of pages.

Over the last two days I have stripped eight old-style albums (the sort with sticky-pages over which you lay a transparent sheet, now all going brown even without the attention of the cats)- now waiting to go to the tip - and refiled the photographs in the new albums. I have three more to do, but they are dedicated to particular trips - Jersey, Mainland Greece, and Rhodes. The ones I have been working on are mixed stuff dating from particular years. There are photographs dating from the 1960s, but mainly between 1984 and 1989.

This includes a number of photographs from various conventions of that period. What really worries me is that a lot of people in them are on my current flist, or are people I still meet at Conventions - there I am talking to themis1 who is behind a table at Conspiracy, and there is a picture of the lower half of a certain member of my flist (yes, I remember who it is, and I bet she does too) wearing Garfield slippers and striped stockings, with a flouncy red multi-underskirted skirt (or dress, the picture doesn't go that high) and timill at the opening of one of the Jersey cons that he was so instrumental in organising. It was a heck of a trip down memory lane. It has also prompted me into realising I must index the albums, so at least I know which places and people appear where.

It also made me realise how less rich our local life is now. There are photographs from the Essex County Show and the Ilford Show in several years, neither of which exists any longer. There are photographs of the Stebbing festival (celebrating a visit of Queen Elizabeth I, where the whole village dressed in Elizabethan costume and jousting and a hog roast were held) which, again, is no longer extant. Bah!

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I suspect I was much thinner then

Seriously, glad to hear that most of the photos have survived intact! I confess I long since abandoned albums in favour of ordinary A4 files with the photos glued to sheets of white A4 inside plastic pockets ... cheap, but does the job!

I suppose I really, really ought to get out all the albums of the photos I took (and those that were taken of me...) form the 70s and 80s, when I was going to Trek cons regularly, and scan them in. I mean, there are photos of me in the pink 'Mudd's Women' dress on top of a wardrobe. And the ones of me brandishing knives, while wearing The Monster. And the Grey Mouser. ...Not to mention photos of Penny Hill painted blue all over with acid-orange veining, and Chris Chivers as Travis, etcetera!

This is where you need to create a new local festival.

However, many events have died because of the dreaded health and safety police, who insist that every pedestrian must be ensure against falling to the ground and requiring multi-million pound treatment for their stubbed toe.

I suspect that nothing short of a revolution will get rid of these pernicious bastards

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