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The Lost Gardens of Copped Hall
The most iconic part of the Copped Hall gardens is its original approach, where the drive ran up over the haha onto a podium raised above formal gardens towards the house...

Copped Hall Front from the Podium Drive

Looking from the house, this is how the drive looks. Of course, there were fountains, and there will be again.

Raised Drive above Sunken Garden

Summer houses stand on either side. In the heyday of this one, you could take tea on the roof!

Female Summerhouse

The oldest house on the site was Tudor palace at one stage owned by Henry VIII. This replanted Yew Walk once had statues of Henry and his son Edward at each end.

Yew Walk

One of the first parts of the garden to be reconstructed was the rock garden

Rockery 2

but the truly spectacular gardens are within a four acre walled garden...

Walled Garden Lake

The greenhouses are Victorian, though the garden was first laid out when the Tudor house was demolished and the Georgian one built. (It is much nearer the former.)

Copped Hall Greenhouses - Overgrown roof

A couple of the greenhouses have been fully restored, and produce is grown there that is on sale...

Melons in the Restored Greenhouse

But the ruined greenhouses are more interesting, with their rusted mechanisms for controlling the vents...

Greenhouse Roof Mechanism

Which looks like this when put back into working order...

Restored Greenhouse Mechanism

And the Victorian tiles are lovely...

Shadows on the Tiles

as are the great borders on the outside of the walls...

Exterior of the Walled Garden - Mixed Border

even in August, which is not the best time for flowers.

Full set of the gardens here


and of the house here


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These pictures are a real joy! The last time I walked past Copped Hall (in the early 80s) all was wilderness and decay.

Somewhere in our collection, we have photos take in the mid 90s, when it was still completely wrecked. If we find them, we'll scan them. (The Trust want them, in that case, as well.)

It really is an astonishing effort. Neither of us could believe how much the Trust had achieved.

It looks wonderful, and reminds me very much of the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, which are in the grounds of a (vanished apart from servants' wing) stately home. They have a double-walled garden there, which has been different every time I've been. And not too far away from there is also Aberglasney.

It all looks delightful. I hope the cat pee hasn't expunged the old photos.

We haven't found those photos yet! But I think most of the prints are okay, and the negs, if we can sort them out, definitely are.

Incidentally, do you mind if I friend you?

I don't mind at all. I'd be delighted.

Now I want to book a flight like, right now ;) So beautiful!

Give it ten years and it will be utterly stunning - and, no doubt, open on more than one day a month for a few hours.

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