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Draco at Four and a Half Months
Isn't he gorgeous...

Dracopup Aug 09

and a complete nutter. If only I could get him to stop biting my slippers (and my ankles, if I'm in them.)

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He's a very handsome little chap. My brother will sympathise -- they have a curly-coated retriever, who's in to everything (including what people are wearing . . .)

sidhe_woman has a curly-coat (called 'Teasel' which is a great name for a curly) so I have some mild experience of the breed, and I know what you mean...

5th sept 07 124

He's lovely! My brother's is black and named Hoggard (after the England cricketer!)

Oh, elegant! I love the ears...

They are something, aren't they? And they are completely natural.

He is too!

But he is at the chew-everything stage, and is just beginning to feel his oats, is looking at bitches and cocking his leg. (He will be neutered, as his breeders have recommended, but he has to be at least sx months.)

What a little sweetie! Those ears are to die for!

I'm not sure 'sweetie' is the right word, but then I live with him...

Well, they're all "sweeties" when they're asleep. :)

OMG his ears are HUUUUUGE!

so cute.

Indeed. Known in the trade as 'candle flame ears'.

He is a very handsome boy. I especially love his triangular ears!

He looks a right character, especially with the proper stand-up ears :-)

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