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Not at all full blooded...
...or this is not the movie most of you were looking for.

Went with Ina to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Well, the acting was very good from everyone, including the principals, with the exception of the lass playing Ginny who seemed embarrassed by the fact she was as tall as Radcliffe and wore a slightly-pained expression throughout.

They needed to be, because the actual plot of the book seemed to have been abandoned in favour of Twilight without the sparkles, or possibly Hannah Montana Goes to Hogwarts. As a movie about teenage sexual angst it was actually rather good, occasionally funny, and very well played, without much loss of dignity (except by Ron - Hermione, what are you thinking of?)

I have no problem with changes to the plot though burning down the Burrow seemed an odd choice (as if they had suddenly realised how slow the movie was becoming and flung in a bit of SFX to liven it up) and I have the unhappy feeling that, if the sudden reappearance of the Room of Requirement, sans explanation, is anything to go by, the Burrow may be back for a second bout in one of the next two movies.

I did like the changes to the ending, though, some of which made rather more sense than the original. However, I can see people shaking their heads at Snape's line about being the Half-Blood Prince and going, "Huh?" Not to mention, "Whaaa???"

They really needed someone to take the plot and shake out the key elements, then insert them back into the movie.

It was a bit slow, but I quite liked it. It was certainly better than the last one (if almost as muddled.) Three stars. Maybe.
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the actual plot of the book seemed to have been abandoned in favour of Twilight without the sparkles

That would explain a lot, wouldn't it.

It did seem rather Snapeless in places. But to be fair, large chunks of the plot were kept intact, the book, the search for the pieces of Voldermort's soul, Dumbledore's health, all the Voldermort bits, Snapes promise, Draco more or less throughout.

What was lost was largely Snapes involvement with Harry's mother. They have the opportunity to put that into the next film if they want.

Of course, all you Snape fans out there feel cheated.

Not a Snape fan. Don't care for him at all.

Not a Harry Potter fan, actually.

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