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Com'on the blues
We don't see a lot of blue butterflies because we are in the lower Thames valley, in South West Essex, and we have London Clay here, and lots of it.

However, blow me down if not, coming home on Friday, we didn't encounter this...

blue butterfly closeup

And yes, it isn't properly focused, but that's not the point of this one.

Common Blue? (I got excited that it might be an Adonis Blue blown across the river from the chalk hills in Kent, but the more I look at it...) Common they may be, but not around here!

Talking of blues, I've been hoping to get some dragonfly shots for ages, as they are common around here but damn hard to photograph. However, one was obliging enough to pose...

blue dragonfly

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Blue butterflies are even more uncommon around here :-) We have a lot of Painted Ladies, though it's mostly Cabbage Whites.

That dragonfly is gorgeous. I've seen some biggish ones hereabouts from time to time, though none lately..

This place is full of Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper 1

Great macros! Iove dragonflys. They are so magestic.

Our local country park (and our local wood) both have ponds which are designated dragonfly sanctuaries. You never know when a huge blue or green dragonfly will hover in front of you. This one was quite small as some go...

Thank you - and welcome to my flist.

Can't help you with the blue butterfly because I've next to no experience on the Lycaenidae (only Holly Blues in my backyard). I'm not much better on Odonata but I'd say the damselfly is most likely either the Azure Coenagrion puella or the Common Blue Enallagma cyathigerum. The most useful diagnostic feature is the 2nd abdominal segment but this photo is at too low an angle to see it clearly.

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