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But the best insect photo that I actually took today was...
... of the definitely common (or garden) Large (or Cabbage) White...

large white on thistle

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Oh, very nice -- lovely depth of field.

Is this a new camera? Or an old one you have more time for now?

It's the big Pentax Digital SLR - the K10D, with a Tamron 18-250mm compact AF zoom. I've had it a couple of years but am still coming to terms with it for work in the field, as it were.

Oh, and thank you. Praise from the praiseworthy...

Edited at 2009-07-20 04:12 pm (UTC)

Or, as Molly calls them, 'kitty snacks'. Horrid little cat.

We have no cabbages (or other brassicas) in our garden - we do have a hop. Therefore we get Commas. This would have been much more interesting a hundred years or so ago.

Gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for butterfly shots but can never get my camera out quickly enough.

Nor can I, normally. I suggest lurking around buddleia bushes on a hot summer's day - though this one is on a thistle, which is another good lurking spot.

Most of my best butterfly shots have been taken early in the morning, when they're still a bit sluggish. Though there are definitely fewer butterflies around at that time of day.

That's a good shot of a largely (if not entirely unjustly) maligned species. I've still to get a decent Large White pic.

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