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My current favourite photo of Dracopup, who is asleep on my knee as I try to type this. Half an hour ago he was wrecking the joint

You what?
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I'm not really into dogs, but that is one bright, handsome young pup.

I love dogs, and cats, and horses, and ferrets, and goats, and donkeys, and if we had the sort of house with good land, I afraid that the eight cats and one dog would sort of multiply. (But the Illingworths have more animals than we do! Really!)


And he's already got that regal entitled look like his namesake! And he looks very happy! And curious! And intelligent! And cute!

Yay puppies!

(and this sort of gibberish is why I rarely comment on puppy posts, 'cos, this is the sort of thing I would always be saying, but, heh, cute oversized puppy paws! Perky ears! Wheeee!)

He is super-cute.

Thank you, you committed dog person, you.

They are described in the Breed Standard as 'Candleflame ears" and they are just wonderful (though the button ears of the Manchester - and the ETT is a small Manchester - are lovely too.)

He's looking good, isn't he? Though I'm sorry to hear about the mange - hope that clears up quickly.

At that size, he looks very much like a miniature Pinscher.

Draco meets a Miniature Pinscher in this picture

Adult Minipin, ETT Puppy

Minipins have been generally docked, they come in colours other than black and tan (the details of the markings are, in fact, different in black and tan, but you'd have to know the Standards to tell), and the ETT has differently shaped ears (again, you have to know the details of both.) In the States the ETT is known as the Toy Manchester Terrier, and there is Manchester Terrier in the Pinscher, so the breeds are related. The shape of the dog is also slightly different, the Pinscher being longer in the body, squarer, and not so 'up' around the loin.

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