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Pretty Pictures
Currently, I am torn between a recalcitrant puppy and decorating in quantity.

Therefore, have some pretty pictures...

Some years ago I took a photo of Lupin in my bedroom window. Yesterday, Flash took up the same pose...

Flash in the window 1

The rest are mainly flowers...

floating blossom

David Austin Rose

Blue Pansy

Honeysuckle Open

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Beautiful. I love the rose. Hope the decorating is going okay :-)

The light was behind, low and to one side of the rose, which helped.

We will not speak about the decorating. I have spent the last week preparing things. Yesterday, it was time to get out the filler 'gun'. Though I am in love with the little silicone tool I picked up at B&Q, which can be used to scrape, mould and push.

You're very good with close-ups! These are lovely.

I can't take a lot of credit. The pocket camera I was using - the Panasonic Lumix 25, is a little joy in its macro setting...

As ever, those are fantastic. We must firm up my appointment to be photographed, please.

Indeed. Currently, the house is a total mess, what with decorating and the puppy (particularly with the puppy) but you are always welcome.

I love the almost abstract quality of the floating blossom.

Thank you. That was what I was aiming for...

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