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On keeping Draco quiet.
We have just followed a tip from Draco's breeder and given him a carrot to chew. He loves it, and he's quiet and it's good for him.

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Is it inappropriate to say I've used precisely that effect on my son? ;-)

Lil does not mention that Draco has just slurped out of my wineglass (I do not recommend this for Mouse).

Ah, getting them drunk - that might keep him quiet. Mind you, when breast-feeding I preferred to pass on the wine second hand through the milk ;-)

Uh-oh. When does he graduate to sweet potatoes?


GMTA -- I was just about to post that link.

Actually, my friends, dogs (and wolves) are omnivores and eat veggies. I had a dog that ate blackberries off the brambles, and also tipped over the punnett, so that he could eat the blackberries - he knew he wasn't allowed to eat them when they were in it.

Cats, too. They may theoretically be obligate carnivores, but when a blueberry and some juice fell on the floor a couple of days ago (I was nuking frozen berries to put in my yogurt), one of the kittens was on it before I could reach for a paper towel, and licking both the berry and juice with great enthusiasm.

And grapes - though I'm pretty sure that fermented grapes should not be on his menu...

Song of Solomon 2:15...

Strider was once caught backing out of a brown paper bag that had formerly held half a bunch of grapes. She'd finished them off...

And I always understood that cats didn't have a sweet tooth, but both ours loved vanilla yoghurt (had to be M&S Rich & Creamy, though!), and Tigger once tried to nick my home-made ginger biscuits.

Among the things our cats have eaten are yogurt of any kind (but Greek is best), ice-cream including lemon ices (and lemon is supposed to put off cats) and pizza, and chips (Xolo is the chip fancier), Weetabix and Museli and well, practically anything really,

I had a dog (the same one with the blackberry fixation) who also was keen on mint sauce and very hot fried rice as prepared by my brother.

My friend Virginia was very concerned last night because her cat had grabbed a big piece of asparagus and eaten it. But she did a Google search and found that it's not that unusual, and there were no reports that asparagus is bad for cats. There was even a YouTube video of two cats eating a spear of asparagus each.

One of our cats 'grazes' off the herbs on the kitchen windowsill. They find it difficult to digest veggies, and you have to be careful about things in the garden, because many plants are poisonous to them - and us, only we don't eat it - but if it is something we normally eat then it is unlikely to do them any harm.

Of course, there are things we eat that would be poisonous in quantity - such as chocolate and alcohol - that are more deadly to cats, even given the weight difference.

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