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More Draco
Little Draco is going to be difficult both to house train and to keep from biting and chewing. Oh, well, he's a terrier.


Kurt does not like him. He is behind the wire in this picture.

Draco Encounters Kurt

In other news, Ina has a bad cold. Not useful at the moment.
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Draco is adorable. Unfortunately, puppies bite and chew (I lost two pairs of good house slippers when Cheyenne was a pup). It is a good thing they are so adorable or they'd be easy to be very angry at. lol

Hope Ina feels better.

It would be easier to cope with the chewing etc if he wasn't inclined to get hysterics if locked up for a few minutes. He's also determined to pee and poo in the house rather than in the garden, but we'll get there in the end.

He is adorable, though.

Well, he is a terrier... ;-)

I always said we would never have either a hound or a terrier, but he is Ina's dog. I have my eyes on a Smooth Collie, some time next year.

LOL, speaking as the devoted momma of a terrier, I know what you're about to go through.

But he is gorgeous!

He is barking at Casino, our oldest cat. However, he is likely to get bashed if he isn't careful. He does have one cat friend though, Zara grew up with dogs and isn't the least bothered by him.

That is the perkiest pup I ever saw.

I don't know about 'perkiest'. I'm beginning to pick up 'stubbornist' though.

He's a little honey, beautifully bred, and of show standard even if he has been sold as a pet and therefore is not showable. Ina has hopes of, at least, making him up to a Good Citizen dog, and perhaps doing mini-agility. I think she may have better luck with the latter.

If he tries to chew on electrical wires, try wiping them with a little Tabasco sauce or other hot-and-spicy condiment. Capsaicin won't do him any damage, but it'll teach him that Wires Don't Taste Good.

That's a good idea! We've always used 'Bitter Bite' but Tabasco is way cheaper.

What a captivating poochie and he looks like he's bristling with energy. I read about the carrot suggestion and how it's quietened Draco down. I'm sure that came as a huge relief.

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