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I'm Green With Envy
at the cleverness and skill of these fen.

This is not a 'real' trailer. It is a fan trailer for the movie we really, really wish they would make. There have been a couple of threatened Green Lantern movies, both of which were apparently going to be made as comedies. Why???? If ever there is a comic book series that needs treating seriously, it is GL.

Rather like this.

Via filkertom

Though the movie in development is serious, and has interesting talent in talks (including Chris Pine, who is presumably being courted to play Hal.)

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That is beautiful.

Who is Earth sector's Green Lantern these days, anyway? It's been years and years since I've read any DC...

Hal, I think, though John is based on Earth. Kyle became Ion. (I am not sure if he is currently alive or dead - you know what it's like... ) Guy, who is a much better person these days, is a sort of special agent GL based on Oa.

If you can get hold of a copy of Rebirth, I do recommend it. This is the start of the current Geoff Johns' retcon of Green Lantern where Hal comes back from being dead (and from being the Spectre) and it is explained why he was never really evil, honest.

Recently, Johns has even managed to bring Arisia back, which fills me with glee.

However, I just pick up the books on when they are collected (and even then I wait for the paperbacks) so am not completely up to date.

Okay, I correct myself. It must be decades since I read GL! The only name there that is actually familliar is Hal Jordan! Although I remember the Spectre, I didn't know Hal had ended up as the Spectre... *mind boggles*

I was always a Legion of Super Heroes and Teen Titans fan, really, when it came to DC. And early, at that. *tilts head quizzically*

PS: you're up early! Aren't you supposed to be retired? *g*

Edited at 2009-05-27 05:25 am (UTC)

Well, both John Stewart and Guy Gardiner were around in the early 1970s!

We do not mention that the first great retcon (Crisis on Infinite Earths) brought the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) back into continuity, and he is still around - though he was never a member of the Corps. His son and daughter both had GL type powers (Lex Luthor, at that time President of the United States - and that is a whole other story - was once rescued by a green force field and remarked to his bodyguard that, "It could be one of five people - if we're lucky, it's the pretty one.") However, I understand Jade (who, confusingly, was also Kyle's girlfriend) died in the last big retcon.

So did a lot of my favourite characters. However, some of them are already back. So is Barry Allen, who died in said first big retcon...

Hmmmm... I've stopped collecting any DC titles long before Crisis, and considered it a lucky escape. *g*

The name Guy Gardiner sounds familiar, but John Stewart doesn't. They killed off Barry Allen? Ruddy heck!

At least Marvel only kept killing off the same people... *tries to count how many times Jean Grey died*

I started seriously collecting comics in the very early 80's, when I started working. I read a few DC titles, but was really an X-Men freak and they were the only comics I hunted back issues for. I had the black and white local issues of Legion of Super Heroes, and was probably most active toward the end of the Dick Grayson Robin era, just before he became Nightwing. I was always a little obsessed with Dick Grayson. *sheepish look*

You and whose army. Nightwing is one of the few titles I kept up with (as collected editions, recently) but it has now been cancelled during the current "battle for the cowl" sequence. One of my good friends named her son "Robin" - he must now be in his thirties.

I started collecting comics in the 1950s - DC at that time. I was there at the start of the Marvel Age - I remember Superman introducing Supergirl to the world, and I remember The Man in the Ant Hill which introduced Hank Pym. For a long time we abandoned DC and bought all the Marvel we could find. My entire silver age X-Men collection (well, partly mine) was sold to a friend. I refuse to part with early Avengers and Iron Fist. Eventually, though, I got bored and went cold turkey. For ten years I bought precisely one comic book (X-Men - Life/Death 2 having been brought to a screaming halt by the artwork).

Then we discovered Sandman and through that, Vertigo, DC's adult Dark Fantasy line, when it was in its prime. Ina got heavily into X-Men.

I discovered the Giffen/DeMattis version of the Justice League which did superhero-as-sitcom superbly, and collected all the back issues and most of the spin-offs. (It is the one comic book that afficionados tend to quote extensively at each other. Mention of the JL(Ant) and the herd of killer penguins can provoke hysteria on its own...)

Nowadays I tend to buy collections, mainly characters I have followed for a while, or writers I admire (like Geoff Johns - his run on Wonder Woman was superb) or well-reviewed stuff (The New Frontier for instance, which re-imagines the birth of the Justice League in the early 60s in a cartoon style that just, somehow, works. The Green Lantern origin retellling/retcon/alternate universe is in that one is superb.)

Incidentally, I was much taken by Jean Grey's gravestone (she is, I think, still currently dead) in the superior Endsong, which was "She will rise again."

Edited at 2009-05-27 06:18 am (UTC)

You started young! *g*

I think you're about 10 years older than me? I turned 49 this year. I first got my hands on any comics, really, in my early teens, but didn't have the money for them until 1981, when I had both a job and a car. That was a milestone year. I could stuff myself silly with fandom, zines and comics for the first time. Good times.

You sound a bit like my first flatmate, whose parents had bought her the Phantom from a very early age. Her collection went back to single figures. Unfortunately they all went under in the 1974 floods. *sigh*

When I was seven I encountered my first American comic (a black and white reprint of Blackhawks) in a box kept for the amusement of kids at school at lunchtime when it was raining.

I was about eight when I bought my first American comic. My brother is four years younger than me. He was buying comics in conjunction with me - and I read them to him because he had not yet learned to read himself. That makes it before he was six, and when I would have been about ten. We did not get much pocket money, but British reprints were cheap. Besides, we sold all our DCs to a dealer and used the money to buy Marvel.

The collection pre 1975 is still jointly owned...

My collection is pretty much down to nothing now. I sold the bulk of it to the local comics dealer first in the late 90's before I built my house, and then the rest in the early 2000's when I decided the rows of comics boxes in the garage had to go. *g*

I think all I have now are a few graphic novels and my Elfquests. No way were the Elfquests going...

I was reading comics as a kid but the situation was strange. I was raised in a crippled childrens home from the age of 8 until I was 21 and could get around on my own. I had an organised network of comics swapping going in my youth, so that the girls dorm and senior boys dorm could read whatever anyone had. And then, in high school, the local newsagent used to give me the stripped comics after he sent the covers back to the distributors. Made the comics completely worthless, of course, but it meant we had stacks of comics every month to pore over. So we had everything from the B/W reprints of DC to Marvel to Turok.

Yes - I'm up early. We haz new puppy...

I saw! So, did Draco's screaming wake you or was this an effort to get to him before he had to go to the bathroom? *veg*

I lived with an older dog years ago and it was the job of whoever got up first to let him out... fast. *g*

I woke up and noticed the landing light on. Ina had gone down to have a look. Of course, he had peed on his paper, as we have yet to find out his pee/poo pattern. He had also managed to escape from the temporary puppy pen. So he got played with and cuddles and his paper changed, and then left again, to the accompaniment of the usual hysterical yelps. He is quiet again, and I have seven cats on my bed with me, so little chance of getting any more sleep...

Ah, so the cats are busy reasserting the status quo? *veg*

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