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Photographing cats
is not easy. You have to take a lot of shots to get one really good one. They move, they hiss, they turn away as soon as you get out the camera. However, sometimes they pose perfectly. As did Flash.


and Pyanfar in almost the same position

Py in the window edited

No doubt the next few posts will have puppy pictures, rather than cats, so I'd better get these in now.

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Pyanfar definitely looks like a Pyanfar in that picture.

Sometimes cats grow into their names. She was a scrawny kitten, but has become a wise and beautiful cat (though she is now f-a-t.)

Those are beautiful photos (of beautiful cats). I would say more, but certain idiotic felines are out in the rain and need to be convinced to come in for (a) dinner and (b) bed.

They'll have found a nice dry and warm spot somewhere, and don't see why they should come in.

Beautiful cats! And love their expressions!

Splendid pictures of splendid cats :-)

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