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Primeval 3.7
I rather liked this one. It was silly, but then this series of Primeval is silly. I thought Becker and Abby were the only people showing sense, until the end, when Connor actually showed a bit of common for once, and I liked his recruitment of Becker and the boys to get Rex back.

A lot of people seem to have thought Sarah was rather good this episode, while I thought she was dreadful. Putting on some (highly inappropriate) clothes and trolling off into the past was plain bats, while if she had not had the scriptwriter on her side she would not have been able to talk to anyone - the Latin bits were great but then it was all modern English which was as wrong as the horse and the costuming and the weapons and the fighting and... but why go on? Someone of her skin tone was likely to have been killed out of hand, probably being mistaken for a Saracen. (Though what period this was supposed to be was never very clear.) And what did she find out? Nothing that could not, apparently, have been deduced from that bit of gravestone she picked up.

As for her yelling "stop!" and "Don't kill him" and whatever, in modern English and expecting it to make a difference... oh, pull the other one, scriptwriter!

However, the bits with Sir William trolling about London and the sequence in the car park were hilarious, and Abby was awesome.

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The modern lingo thing was stupid, I must admit, which is why I didn't like the idea of the ep from the beginning - I've always thought they should steer clear of anything resembling historic times pretty much for that reason.

I loved Connor turning up with Becker and his men at the end, though :-)

Oh, and that ruin at the end was anything but a village church...

Yes, I did think that - it would more likely have been a wooden/wattle building, certainly much less imposing.

I was pretty bored with the whole ep. It was superficially fun, I suppose, but didn't advance any of the characters or any of the plotlines.

I rather liked Sarah, although disappearing into the past was plain silly. I think I cut her more slack that you did because I want to see someone replacing Nick as the academic who knows that playing silly buggers with the timelines is dangerous.

Abby was sane and sensible.

The lads bored me senseless, but then I'm not into Danny's Marty Sue, or Connor's comedy act. Becker has done nothing so far.

The scenes with Sir William in the pub and around London were fun, but the writers seem incapable of juggling multiple plotlines. Everything in the past few eps has been linear -- A and B trawling to Y and Z via Q and R . . .

I don't mind someone realising that playing with the timelines is dangerous - it plainly is - but don't see how trolling off into recent past is any less dangerous than trolling into the Permian. In fact, it is far more dangerous.

In Oz, at least where I live, we're still waiting for the second series. At least I've stopped waiting rapt with anticipation and expect it's up to the 3rd or 4th series by now?

Middle of the third series. Which is a particular disappointment.

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