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I've been transferring some of the photos I took back in 2001\2 to Flickr - these were taken on film and arrived with an additional CD - the quality is awful, but they tempt me to edit them and keep them simply because of the memories.

Among these photos are those of Py's and Kero's first litters. With the news that Flash has become a dad - the two kittens from this mating the only ones that will exist - I've started remembering how lovely it was to have kittens in the house. (Of course, the drama - some of which was dreadful - has faded with time, leaving the good memories.)

One or two of the photos (there are over 100 of the two litters) are reasonable.

This is Inazuma Telzey Amberdon hiding her eyes

Hide my eyes

The entire Schmitz litter, Telzey, Inazuma Trigger Argee, Inazuma Danestar Gems and Inazuma Heslet Quillan, with their mother, Grand Premier Duberville Purcilla Andrez (Kero), their much missed mum, are crowded together in the 'cat stand' here

All squash in 2

and this is what they were like at a couple of weeks old...

Kero's first litter 17

Meanwhile, here is Pyanfar's first litter, Inazuma StabsbyMistake, Inazuma Xolocolat, Inazuma Ororo Monroe, and Inazuma Hedwig.

Py's first litter - having a feed 2

This is the beautiful Stabs, who we should have kept instead of Xolo, but we didn't know any better and thought we could breed spotties...

Stabs by Mistake

And a pile of kittens, with Storm well to the fore...

Storm and Littermates

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OK, it's a cliche but ...

/me dies of teh cute!

I know. They are incredibly cute - and total timewasters...

They are all adorable.

It is plain you have never met our Quillan the Villain - but yes, they are.

I hope to come next time you are showing in Woking (or York), but I bet I'm in the other place!

These are all gorgeous, but the top two are fabulous (the textures in the top one . . . *g*). Have you thought about submitting pictures to the cat magazines?

Only in the 'snaps of my cats' pages. I've seen the experts in action - and I own some of their photographs - and I could never line nine Maine Coon kittens up and get them looking at the camera. I swear that Alan (Robinson) and Paddy (Cutts) use superglue.

I needed a kitten post today. Thank you. They're all uber-adorable.

Happy to oblige with the kitten pics - I hope things haven't gone too badly and it is only hassles with the servers that is bothering you.

I like the names almost as much as I like the cats! But then, I'm the one who sometimes daydreams of establishing Ennien Cattery just so that some pedigrees will have names that include "of Ennien" as part of them.

Naming kittens is one of the joys of breeding cats, though when, like some of my friends, you have been in it for thirty years, this joy sort of fades and you start asking the buyers what you'd like the kittens to be registered as...

Hedwig was actually the name chosen by a prospective owner. (There is a long story behind this, including the fact that it was our first litter and we were hopeless at sexing kittens - what was more the senior vet at our practice was hopeless too...) Naturally, when she got to her owner, she became Keeko...

The Schmitz litter is the only one where all the kittens kept their names on sale... the buyers loved Telzey, Trigger, and Gem as names.

They are really gorgeous cats. The kittens especially :-)

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