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LX Report
LX is now beginning to fade a little in my mind, so perhaps I'd better get my comments written down before the fade goes to black.

inamac and I were staying with Cimorene and commuting with her each day. Once we'd got the last couple of roundabouts on the route from Keighley sorted out, this worked surprisingly well, and not drinking more than an half eight hours before leaving probably means that the fade to black is taking longer.

The venue was more than reasonable, with any number of bars and, to be fair, very decent con food, as well as a selection of ever-changing real ales. Some of the spaces were cramped – particularly when an item that the Committee were sure would have almost no attendees suddenly attracted so many an overflow would have been required. However, for a con with several decent meeting spaces, we didn't seem to meet many people, and the longest chat we had with a mate was with johannes_d, which took place in the local Asda. (One problem with this particular venue was the lack of decent restaurants within walking distance. However, I am told Bradford is fairly low on decent eateries anyway, and the hotel's own brassiere, where we ate on the Sunday, wasn't bad.)

Mind you, it could have been an immediate disaster for the first thing I did was to leave my camera (the Lumix) in the bar. Fortunately, it was immediately handed in to Ops (though I never did get to buy the person who handed it in a beer – someone else I never saw again through the convention!) who greeted me with the question, "Is it the one with the cats on?" which I think could apply to most cameras at the convention!

I am not sure how well the music programme went – it was quite extensive – as none of us were terribly interested in it. Costuming was provided for only by the Steampunk tea party, which did rather restrict the participants (I'll post some photos under friends-lock.) The media stream was extremely good, and it is a pity it was not better attended. Ina and I were determined to see both Counterstrike – Episode 1 and The Incredible Robert Baldick: Never Come Night which I am going to write about separately. This was a highlight for both of us, despite quality problems. The latter needs cleaning and publishing separately, probably by the BFI.

I attended at least two highly educational items – the first being the George Hay lecture, where Dr Adrian Bowyer

eastercon LX 09 008

explained how he was working to destroy the world economy by the use of RepRap (self replicating machines/3D photocopiers.) More power to his elbow. The other was the panel on Fan Creations, Fair Use, and Creative Commons where the legal profession was out in force, including specialists surliminal and major_clanger, with cory_doctorow interjecting from the front row. I have moved from being scared to knowing why I ought to be very scared.

The most enjoyable panels were, as ever, the anecdotal ones, and I don't think anyone will forget some of those related in Dealing with Dead Meat. If they tried some of those on CSI no one would believe it! I've never heard so much nervous laughter in my life. It was also amusing, in a different fashion, to see fjm, Chas Bentley and Christina Lake finding themselves out-geeked by the audience while discussing the Chalet School. (Yes, strange things are discussed at Conventions, and this panel was well-attended.) Then there was the overflowing into the corridor one where frostfox, fjm, Tanya Brown and GoH Jon Courtenay Grimwood did not actually manage to explain Why Fans Love Cats and Can We Get Them to Stop, especially to those members of the audience who had not previously heard either Max or Miss P stories. It was during this panel that a certain person referred to us as "cat pushers". This was the only time I got to see Jon Courtenay Grimwood, which was really annoying, as I wanted to hear his GoH piece. However, other things intervened, as they usually do.

A lot of panels were much more divisive. Never Trust a Book with a Dragon on the Cover could have added "except mine", and proved that Naomi Novak is an author on whom opinion is, shall we say, divided. The one on maps failed to unite opinion too, though it was great fun. The panel on Twitter did not persuade me either to join in or to read people's Loudtwitter postings on LJ. The one on the use of computers by commercial artists only went to demonstrate that everyone goes about the job in a different way.

Talking of artists, the Art Show/Auction was expensive (and the latter very loooooong.) As soon as I saw the horribly malevolent dragon in Jim Burns's pencil sketch for Lunch I knew I had to have him, and so I did, at a little under the maximum price I had given myself. Ina, on the other hand, sat back and let the photographs on which she had pre-bid go, but stepped in to buy the wonderful carved wooden mirror that was donated to "Match it for Pratchett". (Neither was to be the most expensive piece of artwork that arrived chez Lil and Ina in the last few weeks, but that comes much later in the story – last week, in fact.)

A good time was had by all, but I do with I had seen my friends other than a quick hello... I suppose I should have asked at the Beeblebear picnic.

eastercon LX 09 011

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Thanks for the report! I'm trying to look closer at the Beeblebear picture (do I recognise a certain pink and black bear?) but it won't let me...

Also, I suspect your 'Chas Bentley' is in fact Chaz Brenchley (desperance - it's the Chalet School connection!

Chaz Brenchley - yes, well, that's what I get for trying to write these things late into the night/early morning. Or possibly it's wrong in the Read-me I was cribbing from, though I doubt it. He's not someone I know personally.

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