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Origin of the Backstory of the Retcon of the Marketing
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I suppose half the world has now seen the leaked version... However, I saw it in the cinema, with sidhe_woman who I think liked it rather better than I did, though it was a pleasant way of passing an afternoon, as Mr Jackman strips off rather well... er... um... You want to know what I thought of it as a movie?

It was okay. It drew on lots of different sources, including Weapon X which will please inamac and the more recent Origin mini-series. Various mutants were thrown into the mix including Sabretooth. Now, my reaction to Sabretooth tends to be "Oh, no, not 'im again." He's a very boring villain, and I can't help remember that, on his debut appearance, Danny Rand whupped him while snow-blind. Wolverine and Sabretooth fights get boring very quickly, and these were deeply repetitive. There was a lot of comparison of metal appendages - but Deadpool was far more interesting pre-Deadpooling. (In fact, the best sequence in the whole thing was the attack on the Nigerian compound showing off team-Stryker's skills.) Gambit was interesting in action but very uninteresting out of it - and is really out of place in this time-line, but, like Deadpool, he's popular - only both are popular for reasons not displayed in this movie.

However, above all, even those who didn't know the comics on which this was vaguely based knew that this could not end with the death of Wolverine or Sabretooth or - certainly - a very young Scott Summers, whose ability for destruction really made the whole damn thing redundant... and having him meet Emma at this point could lead to continuity trouble if it wasn't for the fact that he got killed off in The Last Stand.

The characterisation is incredibly shallow considering how long Wolverine has been around - in this movie he makes Clark Kent look complex. The revenge-for-lover trope and the-brothers-at- war trope and the innocents-caught-in-the-crossfire trope put in their expected appearances. There were some very silly stunts (the cooling-tower ending produced, it has to be said, more than a slight boggle) and one or two rather good ones. There was a lot of unneeded backstory detail.

It was short, and it moved at reasonable speed, and that it was true to the original in that it didn't make a lot of sense and showed almost no imagination. As I said, an enjoyable way of spending an afternoon appreciating Mr Jackman's physique (of which you get to see rather a lot) but not much beyond that. Better than The Last Stand but still in the lower quartile of comic book movies.

Two and a half stars.

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Thank you, my friend. You saved me from wasting $10. If I went to see the film to enjoy Mr. Jackman, I'm afraid Larry would start hurling popcorn at me (and probably the buttered kind, too). lol

Better than The Last Stand

Erm... WHAT???

Look I know "The Last Stand" was really dissapointing and everything, but it had characters with real feelings who expressed them. It also had a clear plot progression.

"X Men Origins: Wolverine" doesn't even have that. No one has any real character. There are a lot of main characters and we don't get to know any of them asides from where it alludes to previous movies (which I don't really count as character development).

Heck, as you noticed they seem to have intentionally removed the personality from certain characters like Gambit and Deadpool. I can only presume this is damage control to avoid dodgy dialogue.

(Hmm reminds me of "The Punisher". The story was clearly based on the Garth Ennis "Marvel Knights" series, only all the characters had been horrifically altered. The hugely fat neighbour is now a moderately portly Italian who enjoys cooking. The pothead who has a huge number of piercings is now only moderately pierced. The extremely timid female neighbour is now a highly confident feminist and love interest. Finally the main bad guy "The Russian" who is absolutely hilarious in the original comic, though dressed in the same red and white striped t-shirt, does not speak! ----- Okay I can't resist saying a few more details. Those are potential spoilers for Garth Ennis' Punisher series "Welcome Back Frank" though, so I am saving them til the end.)

The following is what a friend on mine wrote on another thread and I'd say I agree with it (this definitely includes *spoilers* for Origins. - You have been warned!):
Anyway, I didn’t think this movie was great. One huge reason for that was i don’t think i was ever given a reason to actually care about the characters, since they were just used for the very few plot points and a few action scenes and then forgotten about. I understand the movie is about Wolverine, but bringing in all these characters just to have someone else to fight Wolverine (and have him Win all the time), and just to make things explode (which Fox orgasms at), i cant help but feel depressed about the poor use and unserstanding of them (Deadpool, what they did to him was almost as criminal as canceling Firefly and making X-3)

The entire movie felt like: “Heres what you need to know”, such as Strikers motivation in X-2, which we were told about in X-2. And Wolverine volunteering for it….also revealed in X-2. Nearly everything that happened in this movie we were pretty much told that with the other movies about Wolverine , and now we are being showed what we know. Its just like someone telling you spoilers about the movie before you see it. I just wish they attempted to give us some new information that was actually plausible or that we cared about (Wolverines mind wipe with bullets. Say what?. Introducing to us that Wolverine and Sabretooth were brothers this late on, just so they can have him survive the movie due to brotherly love for continuity’s sake, and then have him back to trying to kill Wolverine in X-1, i could go on).

One of the huge pluses in this movie though was Professor X at the end. Although im slightly confused at how Scott was the only one to stay around, when all the others have been victims of persecution, which is what X protects them from. (Quicksilver i can understand, since he was Magneto’s son).

Ok, continuing my comments about how Ennis' Punisher storyline was butchered in the movie. (This contains *spoilers* of Ennis' comic.) In Ennis' comic, the guy with the piercings is being tortured by the mafia and the Punisher, despite horrible bullet wounds, comes in and saves him (but not before they pull his piercings out - ouch!). In the movie, no one comes to his rescue, but the mafia decide that if he knew where Frank Castle was he would have told them and then let him live! (Oh ffs!) In the comic, Frank uses the big fat guy to suffocate The Russian before cutting The Russian's head off (though this doesn't stop The Russian coming back in a later comic). Ok, tangent over....

I preferred this to The Last Stand - just - because it was more focused with a single plot line and did not throw quite as many mutants into the mix. Also, the photography was better - though the FX were equally ropey. I will never forgive that movie for throwing away the Phoenix story-line in such a stupid fashion.

I found Professor X's appearance, like that of Scott Summers, Emma Frost and Gambit totally gratuitous here.

I haven't seen The Punisher movie and loathe Ennis anyway (I have never forgiven him for mucking up Hellblazer) so really cannot comment on what they did in that movie. However, I have no problem with them, for instance, changing the hints that Sabretooth was Wolvie's father to the idea that they were brothers. (Hell, one of the original ideas for Wolverine's origin was that he was a real wolverine mutated by the High Evolutionary - rather like the werewolves in Stableford's The Werewolves of London.) It is, after all, a different universe from the comic book.

This is just another of those movies that emulates those comic books that feature re-matches between characters bashing each other into the ground. (Peter David once characterised this as [paraphrased]: "Don't write pleading with me to have Hulk fight the Rhino again. Won't happen. Hulk will stomp him into the ground and that's boring. I'm not interested.")

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