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I don't *believe* it...
You remember how we had a blowout on the left front tyre two weeks ago, just before Eastercon?

Today, I drove sidhe_woman down to join inamac at the deathday_party - and incidentally to join in myself for today. This event is being held in a gorgeous holiday home some miles outside Ashford.

Guess what? When I pulled into the drive, the new tyre was flat! The RAC man says that it was broken at the wheel-rim (i.e. it had sort of come off) near the valve. So the car has the spare on it again! Oddly enough, driving it home this evening, there was little of the vibration that has bothered us over the last couple of weeks. (We were thinking of taking it in for the sellers to check the timing.) Could it be that the tyre was flawed? Anyhow, I have to drive on the spare for the whole of this week - back down to Kent and home again tomorrow, then pick Ina up again towards the weekend.

The weather didn't help. Nor did the fact that satnav is little help in finding said holiday house - though it is totally gorgeous, and I am seriously thinking of it for a big writing party or something of the same, possibly in late autumn when we can use the wood-buring stoves in the huge inglenooks.

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Your wheel wasn't balanced properly, if at all. (This involves a special machine which spins the tyre and then weights are attached to the rim)

This causes the car to vibrate at speeds above 50 and could even break the rubber sealant that binds the rim to the tyre

This is terrible practive by your tyre supplier unless you specifically asked them not to balance the tyre. (Normally tyres are balanced and new valves fitted as standard, though you can refuse it)

Are you sure there isn't damage to your wheel which is attacking tyres? two so close together is worrying. Mind you, that happened to me in Cardiff for no obvious reason other than bad roads.

Even if it was, the people who fitted the new tyre should have spotted it...

Well, of course. :) Nature prefers coincidence which means if something crappy happens once at an inopportune time, it's going to happen again at an equally crappy time. lol At least, no one was hurt. And yes, my money is on flawed tires.

I hope you had enough fun to overwhelm the impact of the crapitude.

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