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Update at near-twitter pace.
Last few days spent in desperate attempt to clear up the house after the depredations of the cats in time for sidhe_woman's visit, which commenced yesterday. Flash has been neutered and doesn't seem to have noticed. We have arranged to have the final windows replaced. Now have to decide what to do with money from retirement lump sum (apart from pay Ina the money for the ex-mortgage that I owe her and contribute to the house refurbishment.)

Primeval on Saturday did not appear to have a plot. However, it was worth it for Nigel Marven's cameo. I've a feeling that he probably begged for that - he knew as well as the rest of us how silly it was that none of the big dinos in the drama-docs he did never ate him! Danny is growing on me a little, but only a little. Have there been another time-shift since the end of 2.07? How else to explain current-Jenny? Is Sarah actually in this series????? Questions, questions.

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A lot of us still feel the same way as you about Danny, but we're working on it :-)Since we seem to be stuck with him, we're looking for ways to make him more palatable :-) I think eventually I may get to liking him a bit but he'll never really replace Cutter for me. This series, though fun in some ways, has been a sad disappointment in most others :-(

I'm very puzzled about Jenny. Given that they knew well in advance Cutter was going in ep three, I can't see the sense of making Jenny more like Claudia, it just throws up lots of WTF? that we aren't going to get any explanation for. She could quite easily have remained the old bossy, high-powered Jenny and had the same feelings for Cutter. It's going to nag at me forever now, as I don't think we'll ever find out why. *grrr*

I'm hoping Sarah will emerge from the lab soon and get some of the action.

I loved the Marvin bit, but yes, where the hell were both Sarah and Abby?

Sarah, I think will gain more of a plot line after 3-05.

I agree about Jenny. I assumed there would a plot arc dealing with her gradual transformation over the series. Possibly that was originally planned. As you say it makes little sense. And I never thought I'd say this but I think I preferred the OTT dress sense of last season. That awful ruffled turquoise blouse is seriously annoying me. Plus she seems to have ended up with the worst bits of Claudia and Jenny...

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