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Day 2 - Continued - the Peak District
Dark Peak 5

Sheffield to Castleton April 09 047

Sheffield to Castleton April 09 045

Dark Peak 3

Sheffield to Castleton April 09 048

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A beautiful day in my favourite corner of the world! Thank you for sharing these.

Glad to be of service! There would have been more and more varied, but Dad isn't up to trekking in the Peaks. (It was also cold and windy, basically, as normal for April.

I love the Peak district too - like you, I spent a lot of my childhood out there.

Gorgeous, particularly the rocks. You are so talented.

Sigh. Thank you, but it isn't so. Digital photography is often a case of seeing the shot, taking several pictures so you've got an in focus original to work with, then making corrections on the computer. Often the hardest task is selecting the shot to work on...

Film now...

That sounds like talent to me. I can't do that: I can see something pretty or interesting, but I don't know how to photograph it in a way that makes it work.

What pictures can never convey is how three dimensional the place is. Grassy slopes at ridiculous angles just look flat. That place is steep

Actually, we were at a lookout point on top of a peak, where it is pretty close to flat...

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