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Day 2 - Castleton
Day 2 at my fathers, apart from all the time time we spent cleaning up the kitchen (and his collection of kitchen knives, which Ina considered reporting to the police under the knife amnesty) we drove up along the Hope Valley to Castleton, and had lunch at the Bull's Head, Of course, with Dad there we couldn't walk up to Peak Cavern or Peverel Castle, which is what I would have like to do, but we did get to buy some nice cards, jewelery, and a belated Christmas present.


Incidentally, there are going to be a lot of sheep on these posts... these sheep were grazing in the ancient town ditch.

Lambs in the Town Ditch, Castleton

and, of course, there was a cat.

Castleton Cat

Castleton Cottages

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And a very fine cat it is too.
Years since I've been to Castleton (early eighties, collage field trip in which I bounced down a mountain on me bum and cracked my coccyx) and I drove though Sparrowpit yesterday on the way to Mum's in Bolsover.


Castleton seems to specialise in people-mugging-cats. When we were there with Tracy Jackman about fifteen years ago it was a very pregnant ginger girl that we came close to kidnapping. This year, apart from stripey (above) it was a black job with a white chest spot who kept racing across the green to hit on anyone who passed by,

There's almost a cat at every other house up my street, a trip to the corner shop involves multiple muggings. In the spring, you have to step over the corpses of many little mousies, it's the mouse Somme. The day I moved in, someone left a mousie on the door step for me.


It was very thoughtful of them.

I am glad I didn't move here when Spooks was young. In urban Altrincham he brought me pigeons, rats, mice, sparrows, moths, butterflies, worms and rubber bands.

Lord knows what he would have found here, there are the geese and bullocks in the field at the end of the road... bit of a bugger to get through the cat flap, but I'm sure he would have tried.

Max, famously, has only brought me Beanie Babies so far.


I think its about thirty years since i was up in the Peak District - lovely place :-)

Cute sheep, too *g*

Oh to be in England, now that April's there ...

Castleton's not my favourite part of the Peak District -- millstone grit is so much nicer to walk on than limestone -- but it is pretty. A couple of years ago my mother and I spent a pleasant hour or so on the village green after walking the Mam Tor ridge, waiting for the next bus and reading the war memorial.

We were impressed by the war memorial, particularly by the pelican in her piety carving...

Pelican in Her Piety - Castleton War Memorial


As much as I love California, it's still difficult being a history lover and living in plasticland.

Again, all such nice textures and colors.

You're much warmer and less wet over there!

Well, I have summer SAD due to my EngIriSco heritage so the warm dryness isn't always so hot ... so to speak. 8*) Still, it's nice for going into the swimming pool.

Last time we took Dad to Castleton he was off down the caves like a runaway rabbit. Rosie and I were exhausted while he was going strong.

My favourite peak district place.

He's a lot less steady on his feet than he used to be.

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