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Don't do anything I wouldn't do...
While I'm gone.

Both inamac and I are likely to be offline for about ten days. We probably won't be answering email, messaging, etc etc either.

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I hope y'all have a nice respite away from the digital noise dungeon. lol And enjoy your first jaunt as a retired person.

Have a terrific time, and regale us with all your adventures when you come home :-)

Hope you don't mind me commenting here--I found one of your Pros stories, enjoyed it and wanted to let you know. The story I read was Tiger by the Tail. I hope you don't mind me asking, but was there a prequel to that story? It seemed to pick up in the middle of something. Regardless, it read beautifully and was quite interesting.

Again, I hope you don't mind me asking. Best wishes. :-)


Of course I don't mind you commenting. Bull by the Horns is a bowlderised version of Action of the Tiger. The first part is called Tiger by the Tail, is perfectly straight, and appeared in Impact 1.

It isn't typed up on computer - the zine was produced on stencils in the early 1980s. However, I may have an extra copy somewhere if anyone is desperate. Impact 1 may also be available second hand or someone may have typed it up for the circuit (if only because it sets the scene for the slash version.) However, no-one - not even the publishers - has asked me for permission to reprint, so I very much doubt there is a digital version.


Thank you very much! I've found the prequel and both gen and slash sequels in the Pros Lib CD--I was confused because they were under different names and I hadn't realized you wrote under EPS as well.

I have a friend in Australia who doesn't read slash and so was hunting around for good gen stories--apparently there aren't many online she's been able to find--and I had found Bull by the Horns, which she enjoyed very much. I had hoped to find the prequel for her as well, just didn't know where exactly to look!

Thank you again! I really appreciate your time and trouble. :-) And thank you for your contributions to Pros fan fiction--you wrote some great stuff. :-)

I can't say I'm surprised that it is available on the circuit, but take no responsibility for the accuracy of that version.

Yeah, all my slash and "wallow" (aka angst) stuff is under EPS/Ermentrude Postlewaite-Smythe.

Thank you for your kind words.


I meant to also thank you for offering to loan a copy of Impact 1. It would be nice to compare the online circuit version with the original version someday so I will keep an eye out for a copy of the original. :-) Or if you were willing to sell the other copy you have, I'd be thrilled to purchase it--but please, I don't wish to pressure you to part with something like that.

Thanks again so much and best wishes to you!

For you to read on your return: cheque arrived, thanks :)

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