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(no subject)
New tyre with speed and efficiency. Yah!

Button on pole. Yah!

Great Grand National. What was the winner (who was second in a Welsh Grand National and has not fallen on the course) doing at 100 to 1. Ludicrous price.


Oh dearie, dearie me.

This episode bore all the hallmarks of a filler while they worked out how to deal with DH's departure. If there is one more classic film quote I may kill someone! Preferably the writer.
This episode was extraordinarily badly written - it rather reminds me of Goethe's revision of Hamlet which has R&G going round in circles. Into the house, out of the house. Into the house, out of the house.

Is there an anomaly? No there isn't, yes there is, no there isn't.

No, you don't write a Haunted House story that easily - see Alien or The Haunting of Hill House for how to do it properly.

Does anyone act in character in this episode?

Will someone please dress Hannah in reasonable clothes! The person who is supposed to be a good shot is Jenny - last season's Jenny wouldn't have let Connor have a gun, let alone send him in first.

Becker, on the other hand, is beginning to grow on me.

Wasshisname is plain STUPID, and not even pretty, to boot. It's going to take a lot better writing and acting to make me writing.

As for Cutter - what the fuck is going on with the character? Where did all this ridiculous mysticism come from?

This was a crap episode. In fact, it was the crappest episode of all three series so far. I was told off last week for asking for some logic (if only some) in the plotting. Compared with this, last week's was bloody Hamlet.

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I thought it sucked frogs. If I want to watch Scooby Doo, I'll watch Scooby Doo. And it proved to me, at least, that Jenny, Connor and Abby aren't strong enough to carry an episode all on their own.

I think they could, if they were written properly - this writer should be shot for disservice to the characters.

*Nods*. Most of my problem is that I really don't care for Connor as a character -- I find the geeky comedy turn very tiresome. And they still can't decide what to do with Abby.

I like Connor, even the comedy bits, but I think you're right about Abby - they should be bringing her on in Stephen's place as tracker and common-sense person, with Jenny directing them, and Connor being the geek. He's going to have to shape up soon - he's got to be the scientist now...

Yes. And the writers are going to have to do a lot of work to persuade me that he can step up into that role.

I like Abby lots, but she's woefully under-used.

I don't care for Connor either - I suspect because I sort-of identify with Abby and cannot see how anyone could fall for him. I also dislike the way Abby is so often written incompetently to make Connor look better.

I have problems with comic relief characters - particularly when they have little else to recommend them.

Totally agree. I need much more persuading that Connor has this brilliant brain. And where have the guns come from? In S2 he's not allowed near them, in S3 . . .

For a show with a fair few women characters, they're not very impressively written a lot of the time.

If they acted in character they might be able to carry the episode - or, at least, Jenny might. Much as I like Abby, I don't think Hannah is a strong enough actress to carry an episode, and Connor is the comic relief. However, no-one seemed to be acting in character, or to be using any intelligence, and where the heck were the military?

I'd rather have Scooby-Doo - at least, early Scooby...

Jenny felt too much like a comic sidekick for Connor . . .

And leaving the soldiers back at the ARC just made me roll my eyes.

When they first went out I could understand it - they were just sussing out the place, but after they'd got some contact with a maybe-creature, they should have shouted for Becker at least - that's specifically what he was brought in for.

Their character consistency does indeed suck frogs, as my chum up there put it.

Jenny would be far more likely to go first with the gun than Connor.

The plot holes were gaping and ludicrous, and I do wish that people being paid to do a job would bloody well do it better than this writer did!

And having been brought in to keep the team safe, I presume Beautiful Becker will be sacked next week.


Dear Gods! You mean they were allowed yet another series? Why?

Why not? They are still running NuWho and Merlin and Robin Hood, all of which are worse (at least some of the time.)

The point is, that one of them gets a decent audience and pays its way.

Let's here it for capitalism folks!

Primeval's audiences for first and second season were less than a million behind "flagship" Who, except for the Christmas specials. The reason there is a third season is because of those ratings.

And there will be more Torchwood, a series with ratings usually a bit above half of Primeval for the first two seasons.

Check your figures. A quick scan of Primeaval figures for last two seasons shows it lies in the range 5 to 7 million viewers. Over 5m is the reason ITV gave for renewal for season 3

Dr Who averaged 7.9m in 2007
Series for 2008 started at 8.6 ended at 9.8 with a couple of dips mid season (during football) to around 7 (excluding Xmas)

Not even in the same league

Figures from the Guardian Media section

Agreed. But a pet that cat tone in with any decor--priceless.

(No more cleaning white fur off dark clothese, dark fur off light carpets....)

I'm still convinced he's going mad (Cutter), being Scottish he was halfway there to begin with.

The only intelligent person in the whole story was the little girl who was doing a much better job of protecting the world than they managed.

Distinct lack of Lester and good lines

It did make me laugh in places.

We watched it here in Basildon on tig_b's unfortunately currently fuzzy TV, and we all agreed that they really shouldn't feed the Gremlins after midnight. Also, the creature was a cross between Gremlins, at least two different NuWho monsters (I have no memory for episode names, but the time-eaters from the one where Rose met her father, and - if it wasn't the same one! - the one with ASH as the demon headmaster), and Gollum.

Is Becker the new guy (dark, fairly good looking) at the Centre? (I missed last week's...) And what was Cutter doing sleeping (?) in that web of wire curves? Sharpening his knives in the pyramid?

Yes, Captain Becker (no first name yet, much to fredbassett's annoyance) is the dark, reasonably good looking person at the Arc - new Security and supposed to keep them safe...

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