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Here are a few of my favourite beasts...
Red  River Hog

Red River Hog. Quite the prettiest of the wild pigs.

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog aka the Cape Hunting Dog

Red Panda Asleep

The Red Panda, though this one wouldn't dream of looking at me...

Fat Meerkat

A fat, or possibly pregnant meerkat.

Amur Leopard

An Amur leopard, though it wasn't the shot I wanted, where the sun was at quite the wrong angle to get the reflections off the glass.

Drill Scratching

A Drill, of which I will get the photo I want one of these days... and, finally,

Hammerkof Yells

a Hammerkopf telling us just what it thinks of us.

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Lovely photo's

Red Panda's are a b*gger to photograph aren't they. So cute too.

I have a gorgeous photo of a red panda somewhere - but it wasn't on digital...

Lovely pix. I'd like a Red River Hog to take home with me, please *g*.

I adore Red River Hogs! They are the most wonderful colour.

Beautiful pics again. I like the wild pigs, and the (possibly) expectant meerkat :-)

If it's not expectant then the zookeepers really need to watch out as to who is eating all the pies mealworms.

never seen a hammerkopf in the flesh before...just in two photos (one a book, one a nature card)

thank you!!

In that case, here is a photo of the same bird (which is on its nest in the cage roof) with its beak closed, to give you another look!


thank you!!

(based on the nature card, I thought they had absolutely massive beaks; these are also called shoebills, yes?)

As far as I know, the Shoebill is Balaeniceps rex, and the Hammerkopf is Scopus umbretta - it's a good deal smaller. I believe they are all part of the larger stork family, though. Wikipedia has some decent pictures, though the page on the Hammerkopf appears to be in either German, Dutch or Africkaans.

oh. sorry.
(at least now I know why I was slightly confused)

thank you.

No need to be sorry. I was pretty sure it wasn't a Shoebill, because London Zoo used to have one of those, though I don't have any digital pictures of it. The Hammerkopf was fairly new to me when Colchester acquired their pair, and I wasn't sure (indeed, am still not sure) that it hasn't had a common name change somewhere along the way.

The Red River Hog has the most wonderful eyelashes!

They're all gorgeous. I must post some of the primate photos I took at Twycross last time we went.

Thank you. The fella in your icon is mighty fine.

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