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We could stay all day
We went to Colchester Zoo today - we've been members of their Gold Card scheme on and off for years, and now I am a lady of leisure and we can get there in the week, we decided to renew. There will be more photos, but their young male Amur Tiger (Siberian Tiger, to the more old fashioned among us) decided to take advantage of his pool

Settling in to Cool Off - Amur Tiger

I have far too many photos of him, and cannot decide which ones I like best.

The timber wolves were posing

Timber Wolf Head

So did this young Komodo Dragon

Young Komodo Dragon

And the new British Birds of Prey display was excellent

Barn Owl Lands

Even the fossa put in an appearance though, as usual, it moved too quickly to get a decent photo of the whole beastie with my compact telephoto.


More to follow...

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I was a kid the last time I went to the Colchester Zoo, the only animal I really remember was the large red bored looking kangaroo. Looks like things have improved. Much.

Colchester is my hometown.

It's gorgeous now, with a super breeding programme


which includes African elephants and aadvarks! They've had a huge redevelopment programme under their current (Italian!) directors, and have bought up some land close by which means that have been able to install big paddocks for their elephants, rhino, giraffe etc. It's also the most kid friendly zoo I know, with lots of activity boards and rope walks and playgrounds and viewing platforms.

NB: Though born in Yorkshire, I have lived on the London edge of Essex for over 20 years now, first in Ilford, and now in Chigwell. Colchester is one of my favourite shopping centres.

Edited at 2009-03-17 09:21 pm (UTC)

Thanks for that, I enjoyed my visit. Aside from being born and growing up there, I always loved Colchester for the museums.

Excellent pix! The timber wolf one cries out for a "you looking at me?" caption *g*.

Actually, this wolf is watching a child in a pushchair who was close to the gate into the paddock. I don't like to think what this wolf was thinking, but "lunch" springs to mind!

That is one very happy tiger.

He's a big baby. However, he recently had a spat with the female, so they are not allowed out together. Colchester has had really bad experiences with its tigers - their old white tiger killed a Bengal female, and then an Amur girl had a fit and drowned in her pool when she was just about at breeding age. The huge paddock they're in has two separate pools and a waterfall!

Beautiful pics and animals.

Now that tiger has a pool -- and not a Tahitian frond to be had around it like those now plaguing California swimming pools.

He has two pools, a stream and a waterfall! Not to mention plenty of bamboo as well as more Englishy vegetation.

Any servals?

And what sort of rhinos do they have? I've never been to Colchester. We used to live about 5 minutes from Chester Zoo and joined the society so we had free entry all year round.

No servals at the moment, though one of their specialisms has been cats. They have Geoffrys cats, Pallas cats and Sand cats, as well as Amur Tigers and Leopards, and they were one of the first zoos to get really going on the cheetah breeding programme, though they, like many other zoos (and even in the wild, of course) have genetic issues. I suspect that when their very old lions finally die they will not replace them.

They have half a dozen white rhinos.

As a Colchester Gold Card (season ticket) holder, I get a reduction at Chester and (I think) Marwell, though they are some way away. We used to be members at London Zoo, but travelling to that is too much hassle.

Oh, gorgeous pics! I love the one of the wolf.

The wolf pack at Colchester has grown in recent years, and they are a handsome mob - but at Port Lymne they have half a dozen packs in the woods above the cliffs and boy, do they make a wonderful noise. We were there some years back. I must find my photos.

Lovely pictures. I do like that wolf! *g* And the tiger is beautiful.

Isn't he? When they were a little younger, these tigers used to rub up against the glass as if they wanted to play with the visitors. Mind you, the zoo used to breed snow leopards, and we did spend some time playing patticake against the glass with snow leopard cubs. (Where the hell are those photos, I ask myself?)

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