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"Use the Force, Jordin"
I heard the story about developing a laser which burns the wings off mosquitoes yesterday on the radio. What I didn't realise, until reading my flist this morning, was that the lead scientist on the project is one Dr Jordin Kare.


Yay for Jordin! Now I'm waiting for the filk songs he's going to write about it. No, he probably already has written them, and I have missed out by not being at any filk con for years and years..

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Oh, poor mosquitoes. I know they're a serious problem in many places, but this seems rather an unkind way to deal with them.

I attract mosquitoes. They are not a form of life I feel in the least bit sentimental about...

Jordin hasn't been very active in filk lately, though he agreed to be on a panel on filk at Boskone. You may still have a chance.

"And our lasers are sending out death to the bugs!" (TTTO "Kantrowitz 1972)

Raytheon are using their pain rays to keep US fruit crops safe from frost.

And the handheld 'non-lethal' crowd coherent beam dispersing rifle has been seen in prototype form.

Buck Rogers cometh

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