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We probably have too many cats...
But you must admit they make a nice pattern of brown shades...

Cat Pattern

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I would ask if there were such a think as too many cats, but of course there is, if someone has more than they can look after and they're living in squalor. Finances permitting, though, I'd have as many as I possibly could and take in every waif and stray I heard of.

Possibly I am just a sucker. Also, the Boy has just rubbed against my legs in a very pointed way.

This is a beautiful picture!

You haven't seen our place recently (though you must soon) or you wouldn't have made that remark about squalor!

You'd never get our six together like that!

We actually have eight - you'd get the other three together, with some of these, but never all of them at once. Four of the cats in the picture are closely related - three generations. (Granny, her son and daughter, and her grandson - the Havana.)

(Deleted comment)
There are three more, who don't get on with all of this lot. It's all individual. I can get seven of them to sit around on the bed and eat treats, but some of them don't get too close to the t'other lot.

Wonderful picture - reminds me of a patchwork quilt! How nice they get on so well.

I was just thinking that. Really lovely cats.

Thank you both. They had moved to Ina's bed which gets the afternoon sun (they start on mine, which gets the morning sun) and they looked so pretty I snatched up the camera.

Wong! is extremely jealous of Kurt, now, and says that there's plenty of room for Ross and Kurt to come and live with him, plz?

Who is the family friend, by the way?

No, no, Ross is *mine*! Wong! will have to wait in line.

Don't let your trio hear you say that!

That's Flash.

Quillan was probably sleeping at the top of the bed, out of Ross's range. Zara is still very wary of Pyanfar, and Casino ignores the whole kit and kaboodle of them.

that's not too many. That is clearly just right: feel the contentment. (and trust Kurt to be in the middle.)

Oh, you bet.

Take a look at this one

Cat Crowd

there he is, in the warmest place. He doesn't care who and what he stands on, either.

Lovely pic! It looks like a particularly sleek patchwork quilt *g*.

Thank you. They can be a very warm quilt, but it isn't that much fun in summer.

They do look lovely- again you'd never get my three together like that; Mikka and Mechtilde will snuggle occasionally (he was washing her head this morning - awww) but Magnus? No way Jose.

It's partly that they are Orientals (except for the odd Singapura out to the left) which means they are basically Siamese and bred to be sociable and partly that they are all closely related and have grown up with each other. Mind you, you occasionally get a spat, particularly between Ross (the blue-looking one) and his sister, Xolo, the dark tabby.

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Pretty, shiny cats :-) They look gorgeous in this shot, and I rather like the touch of the purple woolly socks as contrast *g*

I like the woolly purple as well, though they are, in fact, the sleeves of Ina's ("It's purple, I like it.") huge woolly jumper!

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Seems like an entirely reasonable number of cats to me. Mind you, you might need a bigger sofa.

They prefer to sit on us, or on the beds, or the washing basket...

That's a lovely shot! You should consider submitting it to (despite the name, it's not only about kittens).

How beautiful! And how friendly.

Beautiful, I'll give you.

Friendly depends on how they are currently feeling....

Thank you. I love them when they are warm and sleepy - at other times, maybe not so much....

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