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Storm Tree
Sometimes, you take a quick snapshot and you get something special. This happened to me this afternoon, walking back from lunch at the King William.

Storm Tree

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That's a fantastic tree, triffids eat your heart out.

Wow. Love it.

And happy birthday, btw! Hope you had a pleasant lunch.

Thank you. Indeed, we did. [hic!]

Very good, is that a black-poplar?

As it was across a road and a field I didn't examine it too closely. It has plainly been pollarded, but then a lot of hedge trees are pollarded around here. We do have poplars, but it could even be an oak...

I love the "brushy" effect -- just a gorgeous pic.

Green Noah Demon Tree!
Evil Fingers Can't Catch Me!

That's lovely!

Would make an excellent t-shirt design or perhaps an album cover for a goth-celtic band!

Gosh - the thought of a goth-celtic band is... interesting. Do you know of any?

That's lovely -- very atmospheric and sinister, like something out of a Gothic novel.

Beautiful and haunting . . . reminds me vaguely of a Joshua Tree, tho obviously something totally diffferent.

Ooh, lovely picture! And a belated "Happy Birthday!" to you.

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