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Birthday Greetings
To mkillingworth and steamshovelmama with a picture to remind you that summer isn't that far away. (Not at all far away for Marcia, considering where she is now!)

Happy Birthday!

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Thank you for the thought!

When I get up in the morning the dawn is just streaking the sky. This is a massive improvement over getting up in what appears to be the dead of night.

I always think February, despite being the coldest month, is more cheerful because you can sense the promise of spring.

My goodness, 40, eh? Who'd have thought it?

Forty! You are but a child...

So they keep telling me...

Actually the most comforting thing said to me was by a (much younger) friend who said: "it's better than being 21, again, though, isn't it?"

And, yes, damn me, yes, it is. I also have the comfort that Mr S is 44 this year!

I found 25 the milestone - half of 50, which seemed to mean something at the time. I had to feed Ina a lot of booze on her 50th... Not that we didn't have a lot of booze today.

Finally catching up with LJ. Thanking you for the good wishes. The weather here has been decidedly spring-like this week, but we had snow the week before and may have some more this upcoming week. The Tennessee Valley has weird weather this time of year.

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